Thursday, January 29, 2009

Unique Digital Frames

Have you thought about getting a digital photo frame? Maybe you are looking for a gift idea for someone. The Ceiva digital photo framesare one of the best digital photo frames around. First, you don't need a PC or the Internet to upload pictures to it. All you need is an existing phone line. The cool thing is that pictures can show up that were sent directly by your family and friends. This would be a great gift idea to give to someone who has joined the military or gone away to college. You are able to send them photos that would appear directly on their frame without sending pictures through the mail. If you purchase a one year picture plan for only $100, your frame would be only $29.99. You will also get free shipping. You can even purchase a wireless adapter for only $19.95. They have also started offering support for members in the UK and Canada. So if you are looking for a great gift idea, or you just want to get you something special, you should consider getting a photo frame from CEIVA because sharing photos with your friends and family is a great idea.


Hi! I'm Grace said...

Nice idea yang digital photo frame for a gift, Dhemz. :)
Thanks for the info.

Ritchelle said...

Nakapag post din ako nito,im very glad hehe.

With your comment ba,di po pwedeng e-ignore nalang kc po malay nyo baka anong gawin nun sa mga mukha namin,heaven forbids.Wag nyo pong expose mga personal details nyo kc may ibang tao dyan pag di nagustohan yung post like mine,nag post ako na i was driving alone(student permit)lng.Nagbanta isumbong daw ako sa pulis papadala nya pictures namin.Keber sa kanya.Eh kita mo naman url ko is full name so wala na akong magawa nyan...

Take care dear,your little girl's adorable...

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