Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Couple's Corner: The Proposal

Oh my, it's Wednesday already? My gosh, It's time to join Mami Liz's stimulating, inspiring, dramatic, gripping, stirring, thrilling, moving, sensational, rousing, exhilarating, electrifying, intoxicating, rip-roaring meme once again!....:)

The theme for this week of Couple's Corner is "Marriage Proposal". So here's the continuation from the previous entry.

Greg already popped the four magic words before he left the Philippines, but he did not get any answer from your highness. Can you imagine he proposed to me after 10 days of knowing each other in person? Too fast too soon! Lakas ba naman ng loob nya,tsaka nag propose ng marriage wala namang Part of his plan was to visit back on Christmas day in the Philippines and will ask my parents blessings. I could have wait for him to have a formal marriage proposal, but things change you know. And after 3 months I finally said YES on the phone!

Here's one of Greg's letters....(try to enlarge it)

My parents, family and some friends were not really happy of my decision when I told them about it. At first, I was very hesistant to spread the news. You know I am not quite sure if my parents will permit me to marry Greg. It really took some bumpy roads and dramas in our family before my parents agreed with my decision.

They said that I might regret someday. I know and I understand their disappointments. I am the only daughter in the family, they thought that I just finished school, turned 21, got a decent job...then all in a sudden I'm gonna marry a complete stranger?

Well, despite all odds and some dramas along the way, we have managed to continue our plans. Thanks to God! Ammmmeeeeennnn!

To be continued.....