Sunday, November 8, 2009

I got a Nut!

Camera Critters
Happy weekend dear people! It is Camera Critters meme time. Here's my entry for this week.

Psssst? Mye! Yes, you! What dyou neyed? I want to take a picture of you. Can you turn around and lemme see what you got. Okwe, nyoo pyoblem!.....tadan!

Okye, how abyout thiss pyose. Say cheese! Opps, I cyan't say tyeese....I haove a nyut on my myouth! lol....:)

Did you get it? lol....Anyhow, I was in our backyard reading while I saw this little fella doing his thing. I thought why not give him a shot! This photo was taken 4 feet away from me.

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