Sunday, November 8, 2009

Very Important!
"ANNOUNCEMENT: By popular demand, we are suspending the Pinoy Smile Monthly Contest until further notice. Please help us improve the contest. "

"I lose respect already. I have no desire to help you guys neither to improve your contest nor your website. This may not be your fault, but the rules keep changing all the time is unprofessional. And also, you need to improve your costumer service. Good luck and thanks anyways!"

That's the comment I left from when I found out that they suspended the "Smile Contest". I was irritated when I found out about it. What a waste of time!

Not only I wasted my time and effort campaigning for Akesha, but also I failed you guys. The full support that you showed to us means a lot.

If you are planning to enter you kid to join the Smile Contest, just please please don't ask my favor to go over there. I already made up my mind to not visit their website. You can ask me any favor you want, but please don't make me go over there.

To all my blogger friends and some people from the blogging community, in behalf of my family I would like to thank you all for helping us vote for Akesha. I am sorry to tell you guys, the contest has ended like this.

For those of you who have posted a campaign for Akesha, I am asking a favor to please remove the campaign. I am very lucky to have your support guys. I know that you knew who you are. Your help means a lot. Now I know who my real friends are.

If you have a link or you have followed them, I don't think if it's worth to support them. Don't waste your time.

I am not a bad person, but once you get into my nerves that's the time you get to know the other side of me.

Sorry to be mean and a pessimist. Just expressing my thoughts. God Bless those cheaters!