Friday, December 11, 2009

Our Moments!

mommy moments
It is Friday once again! Mommy Moments meme time.....:) Thanks to Mami Chris for hosting this awesome meme. This week's theme is "Your Mommy Moments". I have quite a few Mommy Moments with Akesha and I treasure every moment of it. I am so blessed to have Akesha in my life...she is the fulfillment of my dreams.

My daughter is a treasure, a blessing from above,
She's laughter, warmth, and special charm,
she's beauty, and she's love.

My daughter brings special joy that comes from deep inside
as she grows into this wonderful world, she fills your heart with pride.
With every year that passes, she's more special than before,
through every stage, through every age, you love her even more.

No words can describe the warm memories,
the pride and gratitude too,
that come from having a daughter
to love and to cherish.

I love you Akesh!

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