Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tilamook, Oregon Part 1

Welcome to Tilamook, Oregon. After a long drive from Washington to Oregon, we finally got to see my brother-in-law's family in Tilamook. It was great to see them again. What can I say about Tilamook? Well I thought it's a great place to live, very quiet and far from danger. I love how close the place to the ocean.

Cast Your Vote for Kid's Choice Awards 2009

Most teenagers are familiar with all the shows of Nickelodeon. My nephews and nieces are fan of the “iCarly Show” and “The Jonas Brothers”. Every time we have family gathering, all they talk about is the episodes of the shows. Our daughter also loves watching some of the Nickelodeon shows like “Dora the Explorer” and “Spongebob”. How about your kids? What are your teenagers favorite shows on Nickelodeon? Do you know that Nickelodeon is having a big event this season? They are going to have this big event called theKids' Choice Awards. If you are fan of Miley Cyrus, or Miranda Cosgrove, or maybe you want to vote for the Jonas Brothers, this is the place to be. Miley Cyrus is no stranger to the show biz. She hit it big with her role as Hannah Montana. You can also vote for Selena Gomez who played on the show, “The Wizards of Waverly Place”. Selena plays the wizard-in-training who comes from a long line of sorcerers. She tries to use her powers to advance her social status. The Jonas Brothers is a band of three brothers who has hit the big screens in “Best of Both Worlds” and has toured with Miley Cyrus. If you would like to vote daily and would like your star to win the Kid's Choice Awards, you should visit www.yovia.com/kca/ for details.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Amazing song by 12-year old, Lena

Are you looking for some new music to listen to? You need to checkout and listen to her music. She has been singing since she was 7, and is now looking for a record label. She sang the national anthem in front of a huge crowd and people loved it. She has written her first song with a famous composer from Hollywood named Kosta Lois. Some of her influences are her family, friends, and her life. For someone who has been singing since she can remember, she sounds pretty good. She loves to sing and perform and she hopes to make it a career. The first song she wrote is called “Framed”, and you can hear it on her myspace page. Music is very important to people, and it is always encouraging to listen to young artist who are talented and are trying to make it in the music business. When you visit her myspace page, you can read all the comments written by other people on how much they have enjoyed listening to her song. So what are you waiting for? If you are looking for some new music to listen to, you need to checkout Lena's myspace page and listen to the next rising star.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Akesha's Cousin from Washington

After spending most of our day in Seattle, we headed off to my sister-in-law's house which is 3 hours drive from Down town Seattle. Akesha's cousins Ryan, Ariel and Moriah was happy to see her again. We stayed overnight and spent our night playing "catch phrase". It feels great to see the McNamara's again. We miss you guys!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Increase Website Traffic

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Optimize Your Website and Increase Your tTraffic

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Welcome to Idaho

After spending 3 days in Utah, we headed off to Idaho. I was really disappointed going to Idaho. It seems like the place is located in the middle of nowhere. If you have plans on coming Idaho please change your itinerary...hehhehe! No offense but it's true, it's a bare place and it does rains a lot.

Just scroll down to see some of the photos!

I felt so strange when we passed few cities/town going to Craters of the Moon, guess how many people live there? Oh my goodness....we saw like 200, 500, 900 or something population. The town looks very creepy...hehehe!

Anyway, we did went to see the Craters of the Moon. That was the highlight of our trip. What makes me more disappointed was, I wasn't able to get anything from there. I mean I don't get any souvenir/s from Idaho.

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    Monday, March 9, 2009

    Bingham Canyon

    I thought Utah is one of the best places to go in the US. It is one of the conservative state I've been so far. If you are going to Utah, I am pretty much sure you will enjoy every attractions they have.
    After we went to the Salt Lake City Marina, we headed to the famous copper mining pit. It's quiet far from the city but it's worth to go up there and see how amazing the place is. What I enjoyed the most is shopping. I bought few copper jewelries from the copper store. The mining pit was awesome.
    So apparently this is the last pit stop from our Utah trip....next is IDAHO!

    New York Sightseeing

    One of the places we would like to visit someday is the state of New York. Have you been to New York City? I am very fascinated to see the statue of Liberty, Madison Square Garden, and some of their other famous attractions. I also would like to see the Broadway Shows. If you are planning on going to New York for business or pleasure, you should consider taking the Hop-on Hop-off Double Decker Bus Tours. The City Sights New York is a recognized leader in New York Sightseeing. Their hop-on, hop-off bus tours are operated on a fleet of 60 new double-Decker buses designed with top-deck-only seating to provide you with the best possible views of New York City’s attractions, neighborhoods and places of interest. Have you ever tried the double Decker bus? I remember the first time we took the Double Decker bus in San Francisco which allowed us to see the whole city. They also offer New York City’s best-value Double-Decker sightseeing packages including major attractions and activities such as harbor cruises, museum visits, helicopter tours, shopping day trips and more. If you would like to save money during your tour in New York, why not visit their website today for details.

    Salt Lake City Marina

    After we had a tour at the Mormon Temple, we headed to the Salt Lake City Marina. Due to my curiosity of why they called it "Salt Lake", I intentionally tasted the water. And ewwwww....it was...hehhe...very salty!

    The first Mormon Temple built close to the lake...but apparently the structure wasn't able to survive..so they built a new one.