Thursday, February 3, 2011

Looking Back....

Real friends will laugh "with" you and not "at you" when you make a fool of yourself. Real friends will go out of their way to help each other and do nice things for each other and never expect anything in return. Real friends always praise each other for their accomplishments because real friends are happy to see others succeed.
When I was in the Philippines I had many friends and a core group of best friends who stood by and cheered me through the years (elementary, high school, college & work).  Hubby always make fun of me because I have different sets of friends where ever I go. He would say "I know, coz you're the IN crowd"!
These are my college buddies. There were 7 of us that hung out everyday for years. We did everything together when we were in college and after college days. I miss them a lot. Looking back made me feel nostalgic.
These photos were  taken during our visit to my parents village. After our graduation day, I invited them to stay for 2 nights at my parents house. Our driver picked them up at our meeting place and drove them for  2-hours going to the village. What a rough ride! It's worth a trip though. We had so much fun together.
Three of them went home the next day. They missed all the fun that we had when we went to have a picnic at the river. 
I miss you guys! I'm looking forward to seeing you again on 2013. This is my entry for this week's Nostalgia.


Lina Gustina said...

Nice to have best friends :)

Unknown said...

awww friends forever, asa na kaha nimga friends nimu ron tsang, minyo na sd sila?

ako sd i miss my old friends back home back when hehehe

Unknown said...

kani jud maoy sakto na nostalgia pics dhemz...ang akoa tua sa pinas tanan

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Very memorable nga yung mga experiences when you were in school. Ang ganda sa lugar ninyo kasi kita ang bundok. I'm sure your place in the province is like a paradise sa ganda, lol. Great to reminisce your younger years with your friends in the Phils. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Lainy said...

I know the feeling of missing the friends you once shared your youth and everything about it.

I've lost touch with most of my friends here kaya it's kinda sad. WE've tread different lives and priorities kaya madalang na kung magkita.Ambot asa na ang uban gibutang sa Ginoo, LOL!

Thanks for the frequent visits, Dhemz.



Clarissa said... ko rin ang mga kabarkada ko sa dgte,sobrang manginginom kami nun lol!It's nice to have circle of friends^_^

Enjoy your weekend,Mommy Dhemz!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Avah pagkagaganda ng mga dilagg na ititch sa batis hehehehe.. Sis, pede mo kami imbitahin sa village nyo i the future hehehe.. Miss ko na maigo sa ilog hehehe..

Cacai M. said...

oi kagahapon.. dah oi.. makadumdom mn lamang kita.. hehehe.. mingaw na pod ko sa akong mga ka-berks da^.. heheh..

Agi lang ko dre madam sis.. intawon, sorry dogay ko nka-bisita madam.. nasakit intawon ko one week, as in chills "takig" basta kurog jud pati giti^ and totz oi.. abi nko mamatay nko ky dli nmn ko ka-control ako self.. waaa.. korog jud.. thankfully okay nko now, UTI and preggy diay.. waaaa.. :)

Unknown said...

Balik ko diri kay manglaba ko sa sapa hehehehe

Verna Luga said...

gidala jud nimu ning mga pictures gikan sa pinas? hahahah... hay those were the days...jud..

Rossel said...

ay pareho tayo. i have many set of friends too. kaya last holiday season e hindi ko alam kung paano hahatiin katawan ko sa dami ng reunions na sabay-sabay. lol!

nakakamiss ang mga kaibigan ano? at least kahit kailan ka bumalik dito e maraming sasalubong sa yo, mga tunay na kaibigan na maasahan.

Our Favorite Shot

btw, i love your font dito sa comment section.

Pearl said...

hi dhemz! ang saya nito. san ka sa pinas? parang laguna rin ang view.

eden said...

Nice pics. ako din na mi miss ko yong mga friends ko. Ganda ng place. The water looks so inviting. Mainit kasi dito ngayon, 40 C is our temp.

Unknown said...

nakakamiz ang ganitu hanu. enjoy nman ako dun sa sinundo ng "chauffer" ang frenzhip mo para maligo s ilog, kakatuwa. anyan ang buhay promdi db, enjoy maligo s ilog:)

Chie Wilks said...

cool group of friends.. reason why you have a lot of friends sis is you are just a friendly person....a friend for keep jud ka sis