Thursday, March 3, 2011

Coffee Tables

Coffee tables can be used either as the focal point of a living space or as an additional accent piece to an existing collection. They can enhance the look and feel of the room. At, you can have the designer coffee table you need at very affordable prices. Their extensive collection of coffee tables will make it easy for you to find the right pieces that will not only suit your lifestyle but also compliment your decor.

Coffee tables are normally placed in front of a couch. The height of the coffee table should approximately be the same as that of the couch so that the items placed on the coffee table will be easily accessible to those occupying the sofa. Two end tables are usually included when you purchase a coffee table set. End tables are generally used to hold a lamp, a glass of your favorite beverage or a bowl of chips.

A console table, also called sofa table, is placed behind the back of the sofa. They are typically found against the wall of hallways. If the hallway is narrow, putting a mirror above the console table makes the hallway appear spacious.