Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is a rollicking runaway train of a roller coaster that rushes through the gold-mining town of Tumbleweed in the Frontierland area at Magic Kingdom theme park.
This ride is fun and fast! You definitely need to see a chiropractor after the ride, but totally worth! It's the wildest ride in the wilderness! Lots of screaming going on! I'm hoping for our next vacation we could visit the UK. I'm sure there's available cheap flights to tenirefe south that I can find online.

Fun Facts:
The names of the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad trains are: U.B. Bold, U.R. Daring, U.R. Courageous, I.M. Brave, I.B. Hearty, I.M. Fearless.

Birthday Gifts for Men

For special occasions I always make sure that I have something to give to my husband. It may be a note or a simple gift, as long as I have something for him. And we love giving each other gifts. A couple of weeks ago was my 28th birthday. My husband and daughter got me a perfume, a globe and a dozen of roses. I was teary-eyed when they both sang a birthday song. So sweet of them.

On hubby's upcoming birthday, I am planning to give him something special but I'm still looking around for birthday gifts for men online. Last Father's day I gave him 5 dragon figurines. This time I'm planning to get him something that he can put on his desk table at work.  I hope I can find one before his birthday celebration.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Monster Jam

Have you ever been to a Monster Jam show before? Monster Jam is the largest and most famous monster truck in the world. The last time we saw it live was about 4 years ago. I believe the ticket price starts from $30 and up.
At Monster jam events and shows, monster trucks face off in two different forms of competition - side by side racing and freestyle. In the smaller shows they have a wheelie competition. The goal in the wheelie competition is to hit a ramp and get big air while remaining perpendicular to the ground. Side-by-side racing is traditional bracket racing, where the first truck to cross the finish line with the least number of penalties is the winner.
Akesha was less than a year old back then.
Here's a short clip of the exhibition.

Fireworks Show

Here are some spectacular firework photos I took during our visit to Magic Kingdom last month.
"Exploding with vivid color, sound and gut wrenching emotion, "Wishes" is the largest fireworks display ever presented at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom."

We really had a great time during our summer vacation to Florida. I wish we could go there more often. I'm sure my husband can find a cheap holidays to florida deal online. I'm sure there's tons of them to choose from. Florida is really a great destination to go. I just don't like the fact that everything is expensive over there.

The Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion is one of the attractive sites at Magic Kingdom. I don't have photos inside the mansion. I think photos are off limits, but am not really sure.
"The Haunted Mansion is a spooky tour of an ominous haunted house in Liberty Square at Magic Kingdom theme park, where a supernatural Ghost Host introduces you to his closest 999 dearly-departed friends."
What I love about this place is the Doom Buggy ride. It's a supernatural ride where ghost host takes you through several dusty rooms, where you can see eerie signs of ethereal awakening. And at the end of the ride, you encounter the mansion's resident medium, Madame Leota, who invokes the mansion's ghost and ghouls to show themselves. I had fun screaming next to!

Joe Rocket Alter Ego

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Filipino Ako!

Filipino ka, sabihin mo! That's the famous tagline Akesha learned from watching the TFC Channel. I started teaching her Tagalog language since she was little. She understands the language but she have trouble saying it and sometimes she forgets.
Akesha @ 2 years old.
This year I'm hoping to focus on teaching her the proper way. No baby talks anymore! Hubby suggested that I should do it after her class.

A video of Akesha a couple of years ago. Here is my translation in case you don't get what she said. 
"Hello everybody. My name is Akesha Dias. I am 3 years old. I live in California, USA! Thank you everybody"....(with matching bow)

 "Ako ay Pilipino. Taas noo kahit kanino. Ang Pilipino ay Ako!"
In english:
I am a Filipino.
Proud to (admit to) anyone
(that) The Filipino is me!

This is my entry for this week's Mommy Moments

Nikon D5000

Ayay! This month marks the one year since I got my first DSLR camera, and still looks almost new. It seems like hubby just bought it last month.
One of the coolest thing I like about Nikon D5000 is the LCD screen flips out from the camera body and pivots by 180°.
Hoping to get a new lens for Christmas.
This is m entry for this week's Nostalgia.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Expedition Everest

One of the most thrilling rides at Disney's Animal Kingdom park is the Expedition Everest. Hubby and John went on this ride. The line is usually way too long for this type of ride. It's about 45 min to 1:30 min wait. I'm glad the guys availed the fast pass ticket.
Expedition Everest in the Asia area of Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park is a high-altitude, high-speed, roller coaster train ride for big kids, teens and adults to the "Roof of the World," home of the inhospitable snarling beast, the Yeti, at the mountain's peak.
Would you dare to to ride it? 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Cinderella Castle

One of the central icons of Walt Disney World Resort is the Cinderella Castle. This castle is the iconic fairy-tale fortress that serves as the gateway to Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom theme park.

I heard that the castle is as beautiful inside as it is on the outside. Too bad we didn't go inside. The queue seem too long so we decided not to get in there.
Cinderella Castle can now be illuminated in 16 million colors, providing even more magic during "Fantasy in the Sky" fireworks at the Magic Kingdom. The castle's new computer-controlled light system creates visual excitement with 60 color changes synchronized to the evening's fireworks show.
The highlight of the night was the fireworks explosion above Cinderella Castle.
Waiting for the fireworks to get started. Will share some firework photos soon.

Rhinoplasty Surgery

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Saturday, August 13, 2011


Swimming is the only sport that my daughter is involve in right now. This is the second time we enrolled her in swimming class. Last year, she had a blast learning the basic skills of swimming.
A short briefing with coach Monica.
kick kick kick!
We are also planning to enroll her in either gymnastic or taekwondo after she finished her swimming session this year.
This is my entry for this week's Mommy Moments , Sports.

Silver and Gold Exchange

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Friday, August 12, 2011

HP Printers Ink Cartridges

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I've never thought in a million years that this 2 will meet in person. Well, it's obvious that time and distance is not a hindrance to friendship. The very first day they met turned out so natural. I looked at them as they've know each other for years.
These two lovely cuties plus EJ had a very memorable experience during our vacation in Orlando, Florida. 
Now, I have so many pictures of them together. The "Friends" frame came from Rye a year ago.

P.S Rye, Akesha is looking forward to call you this weekend....:)

Dog Tag

This is one of hubby’s valuable possessions in the military. He gave it to me a couple of months ago after his retirement from the Air Force. A dog tag is the informal name for the identification tags worn by military personnel. The tag is primarily used for the identification of dead and wounded along with providing religious preference and essential basic medical information for the treatment of the latter, such as blood type and history of inoculations.

I'm linking this entry to ABC Wednesday, letter D.

Steps4Kids Multiplication DVD

Our daughter started kindergarten yesterday. I can’t believe that my baby is now officially a student. Time indeed really flies so quick. My husband and I were emotional and got choked up after dropping her off to her classroom. It’s very hard for us because she have never been away from us since she was a baby. I stayed at home with her the whole time, and she didn't go to pre-school.
As a parent, I am very confident that my daughter will do well at school. My husband and I have been working with her. She can read, write and do a little bit of Math. Right now, she only know addition and subtraction. Once she masters both addition and subtraction, We are going to teach her basic multiplication and division.

I will be using the Steps4Kids Multiplication DVD that sent me. This multiplication DVD offers engaging visuals, calm auditory instruction and support, and discussions about patterns and tips to help children remember their numbers. With equations presented in both vertical and horizontal format to all children to learn both styles. Tips to help children memorize their math facts are also included throughout.
This DVD is great for both home and school. It includes a list of common accommodations to help children with individual learning needs, and some examples of how multiplication can be made fun. I can’t wait to use it! You should get yours today at

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hollywood Studios

One of FOUR Theme Parks in Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando is the Hollywood Studios.
This park offers behind-the-scenes glimpses of Hollywood-style action with live shows, thrilling attractions, backstage tours and special events.
One of the highlights I love the most at this resort is the Star Wars 3D tour. Pretty cool!

The icon of Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park is a 122-foot-tall, blue and gold Sorcerer Mickey Hat, like the hat Mickey Mouse wore in the 1940 classic Disney film Fantasia.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Phentermine Pharmacy

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My secret is that I love Pretty Little Liars

Guest post written by Melissa Holbrook
There's a big theme in the TV show Pretty Little Liars about the main characters keeping all kinds of secrets, be it from each other or just from anyone else outside of their group. But I also have a secret too, that I guess isn't such a secret because I'm writing a blog post about it. But I love Pretty Little Liars. It's one fo those shows that I don't really want to like, but I love!
It's just such a juicy concept and wondering who A is really is stringing me along for the ride. After I was looking through some spoiler blogs for what's supposd to happen for the rest of the season, which I think is really based on what all happens in the books, I saw the website After I looked through it some I decided to change over my apartment's internet service to it.
It isn't just the mystery though that has me watching the show. It kind of takes me back to how catty some people were in high school and I'm relieved that I'm no longer in it.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


My grandfather died at 73yo last Saturday, and it hit me pretty hard. Really, really hard. I still have trouble accepting the fact that he's now gone. Maybe because I'm too close to him. He's a plain guy from a small town and the old school. My grandfather was an amazing man who is responsible for a lot of what I know and who I am today. He's more than a father to me. The best husband, father, grandfather and a great grand father I know. I'm going to miss you Lolo. I love you!
This photo was taken last year during my grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary.

Monday, August 1, 2011


Hi everyone! Sorry for not being able to update my blog for awhile. We got back from our vacation last Saturday evening. Our Florida vacation went so well. We had a great time with the Cottrills, the kids had a blast the most. 

In the middle of our vacation, I received an unexpected call from my family in the Philippines. My grandfather had a stroke, and was rushed immediately to the ICU. I was devastated when I heard the news. My family told me not to worry because the doctor told them that he's fine and they're ready to release him. But on the next day, I got another IM message from my family that my grandfather was in comatose and his chance of surviving was pretty slim. I was speechless! Not my grandpa. Right after our vacation, he took his last breath - Saturday morning. 

It’s really a hard time right now for me and my family.  My grandpa is an irreplaceable, incredible, valuable person – is at the end. I'm going to miss you Lolo. Honestly, I’m not ready and don’t want to write about his death. I still can't believe that he's gone. May he will rest in peace. There’s nothing more painful than losing someone we love.

I really would like to go home and attend my grandfather's funeral, but I CAN'T! Hubby and I can't afford to pay for the plane ticket. Each person costs $3k plus. Our initial plan was to fly by myself, but when we found out the cost of the plane ticket, I don't think if we're able to afford to pay for it. So we thought it would be a good idea to send money instead to help for the funeral expenses. My family in the Philippines understand my situation, and I'm sure my grandpa as well. I'm just glad I was able to see him on skype last month and got to spend time with him last year.

I won't be able to share our vacation photos yet, maybe next week. Right now, I have no desire to update my blogs. Just give me some time. Thanks for dropping! Your visit and comment is highly appreciated.