Sunday, September 29, 2013

7 Activities to do with your Husband (rather than watch TV)

If you and your husband have sat in front of the television every night this week, maybe you need to mix things up a little. It can do wonders for your relationship and your well-being. Here’s a great selection of activities for a good bit of bonding:
Play Online Games
There are so many online games out there that there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes. You and your partner might enjoy Massively Multiplayer role-playing games like World of Warcraft or something simpler like doing a crossword. Or you could use your combined wits to have a go at games that can win you money: online poker or blackjack for example. There are plenty of classic games to choose from on online casino sites.

Cook Together
This is a great way to share the burden of chores. If you end up cooking every night alone for your husband (and kids) then it can have a harmful effect on your relationship because you’re always the one having to come up with ideas. Try cooking together instead: set yourselves different tasks and then enjoy something you’ve both had a hand in making.

Go on a Bike Ride
A spot of light exercise can help relieve stress and bring you closer together. Having said that, it’s not much fun to cycle on the roads, so pick a nice spot like the local park or maybe there’s a waterway nearby. You can talk about your respective days at the same time and make plans.

Make Something Together
Give yourself a project to do that will benefit both of you. It could be as simple as making a present for a friend or family member, something crafty, or as complex as building a pizza oven in your back yard. A project that lasts several days and can then be used by you and those you love can bring you and you partner closer.
Write a Blog
If you have a shared hobby, whether it’s food, tech, or fashion, blogging can be a great outlet for your combined creativity. You can play with the latest gadgets then write reviews, post a recipe of a fantastic meal you made, or wear the latest trends and upload the photos.

Go Running
Running takes a bit less concentration than cycling and you can do it practically anywhere. It’s also easier to concentrate on talking about work, plans, and generally catching up (though you might get a bit breathless if you don’t run very often).

This can be a prelude to something a bit more adult, but can just be a great way to relax. Look at getting some quality massage oil and picking scents that each of you like. Watch a few YouTube videos for some good tips and enjoy!