Sunday, September 29, 2013

Anthropology Tape

Continental Packaging has discovered a new and improved way to bring notice to a package. Continental has developed tape for the purpose of providing companies with an alternative way to wrap packages. Anthropologie tape comes in a variety of colors and designs and sure to match any business branding and color scheme. The tape is far removed from boring, old fashioned masking and mailing tape. Continental, with its unique tape, has found a new way of giving marketing and advertising an uptick in visibility.

Exposure is the bench mark that often determines if a business is successful or just struggling to compete with other companies. Anything that can bring about exposure for a business is a good thing, and packaging will bring about exposure as customers, and potential customers take notice.

Continental Packaging, located in Long Island, New York, has an in-house graphic art and design group to work with customers to develop a unique and attractive tape design to be used in packaging. The ink system used by Continental allows printing on a variety of tapes without using a releasing coating that is detrimental to the environment.

The tapes are water activated and made from recycled paper. Continental has a very generous inventory in place to allow quick turnaround time for customers. Continental also offers expedited service for customers who just cannot wait to receive their tape. Continental will print tape with a specific logo or help design an appropriate logo.
Continental offers a variety of tapes including printed adhesive, gummed, flatback, and poly, PVC, security and warning tapes, along with custom logo tape. Continental also offers anthropologie tape. Such tape has unique graphics and textures and makes a huge difference in packaging and overall presentation.

Anthropologie tape can be used for any kind of wrapping used in retail stores to deli counters. The tape provides a point of purchase aesthetics. Many retail stores are using decorative wrap and tape when wrapping items at the counter. The tape provides a little bit of fun and whimsy and is a unique take on the traditional shopping bag.
Anthropology tape can be customized to match any industry and provide the brand to make the parcel recognizable without seeing the label.

Find anthropologie tape at, and check out the online order form. The graphics art department will send the customer a proof before printing any tape. Turnaround time is typically within two weeks from the day of proof approval.