Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fun Design Ideas for a Girl’s Bedroom

Every little girl dreams of having the perfect bedroom - one that expresses her personality, favorite colors, and tells everyone who she is. From princess themed rooms to relaxing havens, every girl will have a different story to tell with her bedroom design and choices. Working with your daughter to create the perfect bedroom is a great way to give her a wonderful gift and spend quality time together.
With that in mind, lets explore a few fun design ideas for girls’ bedrooms that will add a pop of personality to every room!
Fun wallpaper
Nothing better than a fresh paint job or great wallpaper to completely transform a room! From patterns to drawings to cartoons and textiles, wallpapers like those found in WALLCOVER will offer a wide variety of options, so you can find whatever you had in mind. With such a great range, there’s plenty to get inspired for the new color palette and design.

Separate into sections
Depending on the size of your daughter’s bedroom, you can play with splitting the room into different activities. For example, some girls love to have an art section with an art easel, paint, crayolas, and more. You can set up a small table with all the goodies for her to paint, color and paint. A reading section with books is also a great option, and a playroom section with toys is a lot of fun and can help keep things tidy.

Playful accessories
Add a few playful touches to the bedroom with lamps, furniture and kitschy items. Arts and crafts can be used to decorate the bedroom, and the best part is, they can be changed as many times as your daughter wants! White Christmas lights can add to the brightness and magic of a room as well. You can check out some amazing ideas here.

Use fabric to your advantage
Picking good fabric for the room can really make everything work together. Pretty designs and coordinated colors can create an inviting bedroom and a pleasant place for sleep and play. Make sure you pick fabrics that run smoothly with the rest of the room - from sheets to carpets and curtains.

Take your daughter’s ideas into account
Children often have the most creative, out-of-the-box ideas, and considering that it’s her bedroom that you’re designing, listen to your daughter! She may have some wonderful ideas to contribute that will help her love her bedroom even more.