Thursday, May 1, 2014

Helpful Packing Tips that You Might Want to Know When You Travel

How often do you travel or go on vacation? I believe that everyone deserves a vacation or a break from work especially for those people who happens to have a stressful job. My husband works in IT, and I know how stressful his job is. That's why I sometimes encourage him to take a break, and normally he'll take a 2-week PTO from work.

I'm glad that my husband and I both have a passion for travel and the zest for adventure. As a family, we love to travel places, go on cruises, and visit other countries. Last year, we went on a 7-day cruise and visited three different countries. It was a really great experience for me and my family. Traveling to other places is indeed an opportunity to experience the culture.

We will be flying overseas in two months, and we're very excited about it. Now I can't wait to start packing and get our suitcases ready. I might have to replace our old suitcase and get some reliable and durable luggage from Zalora.
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You can call me weird, but I do love to pack! Here are some helpful packing tips that you might want to know.
- Check out the weather at your destination(s) before you go.
- Plan each day in advance.
- Put large or heavy clothing at the bottom.
- Pack several lightweight layers.
- Choose between rolling and folding your clothing.
- Use the inside of your shoes as storage space.
- Use folded tee shirts to separate and organize sections of your suitcase.
- Pack fragile items in the center of your case.
- Place dress shirts and other formal items on top.
- Put shoes in a plastic bag.
- Use creases and gaps to place underwear.