Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Importance of Responsible Gun Storage

Gun safety is one of the hottest political and social topics of the new millennium. On the one hand, there are individuals who believe strongly that the Second Amendment means they can own guns. On the other hand, there are those who believe the Second Amendment is outdated. Of course, there are a lot of people who sit somewhere in the middle with options like background checks for gun ownership and mental health assessments for household members taking the forefront. Why is this such a hot button issue? Gun-related accidents and homicides make it hard to ignore the topic.

According to the Eastern Maine Medical Center, having a gun in your home makes it three times more likely that a murder will happen in your house. Suicide is five times more likely to happen in your house if there is a gun in it. In short, there is no doubt that owning a gun is a risk, but risk can be mitigated with responsibility. Taking precautions, such as storing your gun or guns in a safe, using trigger locks and storing ammunition separately, can make a huge difference in terms of gun safety in your household.

It is easier to find and purchase a method for safe gun storage than it is to find a gun. Companies like Gun Safes Now offer storage options that keep your guns locked up, no matter what kind of guns you keep. Whether you have a rifle collection or a single pistol for self-defense, there is a safety storage option or mechanism that can keep the people in your home out of danger. Remember, your gun is always around, whether there is an intruder or not, so you do not need to worry just about the possibility of someone breaking in. You have to worry about the possibility that inexperience hands will find your weapons.

The issue of safe gun ownership lies on the shoulders of gun owners. Only those who have guns available to them can keep them from getting into the wrong hands. Everyday, responsible gun owners prevent murder and tragedy by doing the right thing.