Thursday, September 4, 2014

Arrived Safely

Yay, thank goodness we arrived in Cebu. We got at the airport at midnight after 3-4 hours flight from South Korea, and waited until 5:30 am to get to our final destination via Cebu Pacific.
I'm glad this little lady is such a good traveler. She didn't take a nap at all and waited in the morning until our flight to Laguindingan. She's too excited to see everybody!
Yay, I was really anxious to see my family on that day. I knew they waited for us at the airport. So 30 minutes after, we arrived safely and saw my parents and siblings! My big bro was our personal driver.
 We headed to grandmas's house and had breakfast there. And yes, we had the boodle fight and we all enjoyed it! Eating with bare hands is a big NO NO for Greg but he had no choice! It's Boodle Fight for crying out loud! LOL!
With Akesha, her Filipino blood kicked in right away and with no hesitation she ate with her bare hands. My family prepared some red rice, lots of fish, lots of fried chickens and fruits.

More updates to follow......


Unknown said...

Oi red rice! Bongga kaayo inyo breakfast yotch kay everyone salo2x :) Good job Akesha for eating in kinamay :D