Wednesday, September 17, 2014

River Rafting Adventure | Short Briefing

If you happen to visit Cagayan de Oro you might want to experience and try river rafting, and make sure to contact Great White Rafting company. They're awesome!

The company have their own service and transported us to the waterrafting site, It took us at about 45 minutes to get to the site. I was about to collapsed when I saw how fast the river flows. My heart was pumping 1000 beats per minute at that!
Anyhow, our expert guide briefed us on safety procedures on how to paddle correctly as well as how to follow instructions from our raft guide.
We're pretty serious because there's a possibility that our raft will tumble and flip if we do not do our part correctly. Yay, pretty nerve racking!
 Also, our guide gave us some tips on what to expect along the way.
Practicing our "High Five" chant.
We're ready to paddle and conquer our fears!!!

Stay tune! The best part is yet to come on my next post!