Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Texas Family Attractions: Natural Bridge Caverns

Texas is a place you'll never bored! Texas is a big state and offers so many things for visitors to see and do. It's more fun, more adventure and plenty of places to visit. One of best attractions in Texas is the Natural Bridge Caverns located outside San Antonio near New Braunfels.
Natural Bridge Caverns is so much more than one of the most treasured natural attractions Texas has to offer. This beautiful and historical cavern system offers an experience that is high energy, educational, fun and family oriented. Whether you are a first timer, an avid caver or someone in between, Natural Bridge Caverns awaits with a once in a lifetime experience you'll never forget.
Last weekend, my family and I was given the opportunity to received complimentary Discovery Tour tickets to visit Natural Bridge Caverns. The Discovery Tour introduces you to an underground world of natural beauty and amazement. We went through a half-mile of the largest and most spectacular show cavern in Texas and walked 180 feet below the ground. 
We saw awe-inspiring, ancient formations centuries in the making and still growing today, such as amazing stalagmites, stalactites, flow stones, chandeliers and soda straws.
Here's the entrance to the cave. Our tour guide Megan did a fantastic job, and was very knowledgeable in explaining the different types of formations and how the caverns were formed by nature. We all had a great time during our cave exploration.
Inside the cave was amazing! It's like a rocky underground wonderland of stalagmites and columns, shimmering calcite and slimy-looking flow stones.
This is the largest room in the cave, and it's bigger than a football field.
I have to warn you that it gets humid inside so it is advisable to wear lightweight clothing and sneakers. Also, this tour requires a lot of walking and climbing stairs and inclines but don't worry because the cave has paved walkways and handrails to assist you.
The swarm of jelly fish is one of my favorite formations. It's stunning and fascinating!
Above ground, you'll discover rocks, minerals, and rough-cut gems at the Natural Bridge Mining Company Sluice. They have Canopy Challenge that will test your agility on over 40 different obstacles while you are on a 4 story, 60 foot high Adventure Course. Plus, an open air challenging maze for all ages.
Overall, we had a great experience and learned something new. They serve good food, good service, and good atmosphere. So if you are up for an adventure and ready to explore, you should check out Natural Bridge Caverns today! don't forget to grab your $2.00 OFF coupon HERE. You might also want to like Natural Bridge Caverns on Facebook for updates and promotions. So what are you waiting for?

Disclosure: I received complimentary tickets through a partnership between Natural Bridge Caverns and the US Family Guide bloggers.