Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Design Solutions for an Awkward Wall

If you look around your home and can't begin to imagine what the architect was thinking when that awkward wall was added, this helpful guide is for you. Whether you have a mini wall that is wide enough to look bare, but too narrow for a dent chair or if you have a wall with oddly placed windows or door frames, then the solutions on this list will help you turn that eyesore into a focal point.
Modern Fireplace - A bio ethanol fireplace is the easiest solution to an eyesore. They are made in a variety of sizes and styles, so you will have no problem finding one to fit your wall. When lit that wall you hate so much will become the centerpiece of your home. Even when it is not lit it will double as a piece of art.

Photo Collage - You probably have a ton of family photos saved in your phone and on the computer. Are you ever going to do something with them, besides share them on Facebook? Buy a picture fame that is already in a collage format and then have photos printed to use. You will want to decide where they are all going in the collage before you start cutting any. You could even skip the frame, have them all printed in black and white, and attach them all directly to the wall in a collage-style. It will look like wallpaper featuring your family.

Shelves - You can never have too many flat surfaces to hold knickknacks, photos, awards, collectibles, etc. You could place a tall shelving unit against the wall or mount shelves to create a floating display.

Decals - Surely you have seen decals used on a wall in a magazine or on a design show. You might have even had some in your own nursery. Well, there are "grown up" ones available, too. They are cheap, easy-to-use, and they do not damage the wall. Tall tree decals with branches that extend on connecting walls might be perfect. A quote would look great here, as well.

Table - Have you tried just placing a side table there with a photo or piece of art on top? You could mount a fireplace and place a table beneath it with a small tabletop fountain on it. The fire and water elements will create a powerful display.