Thursday, October 23, 2014

#TheSecretSociety | Hidden Mystery Mobile Game App

What's your favorite mobile game app? With tons of game apps out there, it's really hard to know what's good and what's not to download. You should check out the new Halloween-themed game called The Secret Society® - Hidden Mystery, this app has been a top grossing game or hidden object games in apple store for 1 year.
The Secret Society® - Hidden Mystery
Join the mysterious Order of Seekers and explore numerous enchanting worlds! The Order of Seekers is a clandestine community of people with the unique ability to move through magic worlds.
The Secret Society® - Hidden Mystery
Your dear Uncle Richard, an elite member of this ancient order, has suddenly gone missing. After a period of despair, you realize that you too are blessed with these special powers and thus are the only one that can find him!
Locate your beloved uncle, protect the sacred Artifact of the Order and thwart the forces threatening the entire society in this fantastic blend of hidden object tasks and puzzles!
The Secret Society® - Hidden Mystery
The Secret Society® - Hidden Mystery features:
  • Nearly 1500 quests to keep you entertained for months
  • 22 amazing locations full of interesting characters
  • 225+ сollections of hidden objects to piece together
  • Gem Match mini-game: swap and match gems to get 3 in a row!
  • Ingenious mini-games puzzles wrapped in mystery
  • Regular updates with additional quests and more
This game is absolutely free! Plus, families can play it together because this app is kid-friendly and can be a good bonding experience. You should check it out for more details!

Disclosure: I partnered with Sverve on this campaign and I'm being compensated for product endorsement.


Alison said...

This game is just the best! I love playing it. :)

cancan said...

I am the best in my family at this game!

Terri Ramsey Beavers said...

This is such a fun game, thanks for sharing the info.

FamiGami said...

I enjoy the variety int he puzzles. The shadow ones are hard as heck!

LisaLightner/A Day in our Shoes said...

This is a fun app, thanks for sharing.

Echo aka The Mad Mommy said...

I have been enjoying this game so much during my down time!