Thursday, October 30, 2014

Investing in a Convertible Crib

You've got the due date circled on the calendar and have begun to shop for baby's room. As you look at that all important piece of furniture, the crib, you may be surprised at the cost of a good, quality crib. No doubt you're wanting to invest wisely as you shop for baby, so you may find yourself checking out the versatile convertible crib. It's the kind of purchase that kind help stretch your long-term budget.
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A convertible crib is what it sounds like, a crib that will convert into a different kind of bed once your infant outgrows its original size or begins to be limber enough to consider climbing the rails. Most babies move on from cribs to toddler beds, smaller beds that still afford a good measure of safety with higher rails or sides. There are a number of convertible cribs that will convert to a toddler bed without extra parts. These include cribs with wood or metal construction. Sometimes they come in matching sets with pieces as diverse as dressers, hutches, chests, bookcases, changing stations, night tables and mirrors. In other words, your nursery can be as coordinated as you want it to be!

Some cribs also convert to larger beds, such as twin beds or even full or queen sized beds. Most of these come with "conversion kits" that enable you to turn the crib into a toddler bed first and then eventually into a larger sized bed for an older child. While these convertible cribs can cost more up-front, knowing that you will be able to get many years of use out of the bed might enable you to invest more in the initial purchase. Some convertible cribs that can be changed to beds for older children have a slightly more sophisticated look to their side railings which gives an overall older look to the converted bed. Similarly, some of the cribs that convert to full or queen sized beds have a shaped back wall that looks ideal as a potential headboard.

Regardless of what kind of convertible crib you choose, many cribs these days come with standard features such as adjustable mattress heights and adjustable front rails that can be easily raised or lowered by hand or foot. As you invest in a crib, make sure that the crib meets quality safety standards and will work well for your nursery space.