Monday, December 29, 2014

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Ohhh Emmm Geee! How should I start? This magic/illusion show by Criss Angel sucks! What a waste of money. It's not even worth my penny! Please, if you happen to go to Vegas don't purchase Criss Angel Believe ticket. Trust me, I've been there and I saw how terrible the show was. Well, in case you really want to see his odious performance I would advice you to get the very last row.
We paid $$$ and sat on the second row from the stage thinking that we will enjoy and witness how Criss performs his magic, but it was awful and what a BIG mistake on our part for purchasing the tickets. I blamed my husband for it. I've seen better magicians than him!
He claimed to be the "most famous magician on the planet". Really?! That is hard to BELIEVE! None of his tricks impressed me. It was extremely horrendous! It seems like he showed more video clips and did a lot of yakking instead of showing what he is capable of. Same and old tactics that any magician can do: swallows multiple razor blades, appearing birds, sawing a woman in half, disappearing on the stage, and etc. I thought 99% of the audience didn't get his jokes. I guess he tried to be funny but FAILED. And also, his right hand MAESTRO was a joke. Maestro's dirty humors are not kid friendly.

I've seen quite a few live magic shows in my life and this is by far the worst magic shows I've seen! My favorite magician/illusionist so far is Jason Byrne from “Destination: Unknown”. His show combines jaw-dropping illusions with dazzling special effects and a talented cast to leave audiences breathless. They're very professional!

I have to say that Criss Angel Believe magic show gives Cirque du Soleil a really bad name. Cirque du Soleil should replace Criss Angel to Mat Franco. Remember that young magician from America's Got Talent? He's way way better than Criss Angel.

I wasn't impressed, very low quality, mediocre, and I totally wasn't entertained! I would NOT highly recommend this Vegas show to anyone. What a rip off!


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