Thursday, January 28, 2016

How to Make Your Hair Grow Quickly

Regardless of whatever hair length you are starting out with, it can be a true test of your patience as you wait for it to grow out. Long hair never seems to grow as quickly as you want, and sometimes, it takes so long to grow to your desired length that you end up cutting it short again, especially if you are having to suffer through a few awkward hair styles until it gets to the right length.
Even though it would be great, it is impossible to get your hair to grow overnight; however, there are ways to help give your hair growth a little boost, making it longer and stronger in no time.

Hair Cuts
When growing out your hair, you may think its best to avoid cutting it at all costs. Though it might appear counter intuitive, if you want your hair to grow quickly, it needs to be cut often. Unhealthy hair will not actually grow, and if your hair is not trimmed every few weeks, the ends will split and break, stopping all hair growth.

Cutting your hair will keep it shiny, smooth, and healthy. While waiting for your hair to reach its appropriate length, consider getting hair extensions. The right extensions will give you the long hair length you have been looking for as you wait for it to grow.

Natural Hair Oil
Before heading to bed, make sure to give your hair good brushing. Most people think brushing their hair is solely for the purpose of keeping it smooth and free of tangles or knots. While it does certainly do that, brushing your hair also helps to spread your hairs natural oil, keeping your hair moisturized and healthy. The more hydrated your hair is, the healthier it is. When your hair is dry and brittle, it breaks and splits easily. If possible, try to brush your hair each night. The increase in circulation increases the strength of your hair.

Healthy Scalp
The healthier your scalp is, the stronger the roots of your hair are. The stronger the roots are, the longer your hair will grow without breaking or splitting. Keeping your scalp healthy starts with deep conditioning and good scalp massages while shampooing in the shower.

The health and length of your hair actually is dependent upon your nutrition. The best way to promote your hairs growth is by eating the right foods, including protein-packed foods like avocado, nuts, omega-3s like fish, and whole grains. Women who do not eat enough protein tend to shed more, which is a sign your diet might be lacking a few key properties. Your hair and skin will benefit from your diet.

Hot Hair Tools
Too much heat on your hair will damage your hair, causing it to break, shed, and split. While many women use curling irons, blow dryers, and flat irons almost everyday if not everyday, frequent use will hurt the health of your hair. If possible, try to limit your usage in order to help your hair grow. But, for those who do need to use it everyday, the best way to not abuse your hair is to turn down the temperature on each tool.