Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Back To Basics: Three Ways To Become a Better Driver

I get it, when we pass our driving test and get our license, it can be so easy and tempting to just go a little wild. There is a sudden freedom that comes with now being able to drive a car without supervision. The world, quite literally, is your oyster to explore. But young and inexperienced drivers, especially males, are much more likely to get into car accidents than their female counterparts; just look at our insurance premiums to prove it. Whether that means they are worse at driving is up for debate.

But at the end of the day, driving a car is an expensive piece of machinery, and there is always room for improvement. Just speak to any car accident lawyers representing those in need and you’ll see just how often car accidents happen and the damage that they can cause. So if you want to make sure that you are safer out on the roads, then here are some tips and ideas for you.
Focus on Your Hands
For such a long time we have heard about the ten and two positions of where our hands should be on a steering wheel. But in reality holding a steering wheel in those positions for a long time can be pretty uncomfortable. It can make your muscles tense, and it does actually give you less control. So, for now, we are being advised to have our hands in a three and nine position or an eight and four. It is much more comfortable doing it this way and will give you more control. So hello to being an instantly better driver.

Don’t Drive Tired
We all hear the horrific stories of people driving when they are under the influence of alcohol. But you can have some pretty devastating results as the result of driving the car when tired too. If you feel sleepy, then don’t get in the car. Take a quick nap if you can or find alternative means of transport. If you are driving and suddenly feel quite sleepy, then pull over as soon as you can. Take a quick nap and then start driving again when you’re feeling better. Don’t try to carry on with the music loud or window down; it won’t make much of a difference because when you’re tired, you’re tired.

Learn To Merge
When there are lane closures on the road and cars need to merge down to one lane, it can cause traffic and accidents. A lot of this is down to people not understanding how to merge in turn. When two lanes are merging into one, you need to view it as a zipper; one from one side, then one from another side. Don’t get caught up with people ‘pushing in.’ Make room and merge in turn and everything will run more smoothly.

Keeping calm on the roads is another important point to note. We can get angry especially if someone on the road cuts in front of us or is driving quite badly. But don’t ‘retaliate’ and you’ll be kept much safer out on the road.

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