Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Fun Ways to Let Friends and Family Know You’re Expecting a Baby

Seeing a little blue or pink line appear on a pregnancy test kit is a magical time. You are probably bursting with excitement and eager to let the whole world know your happy news. This is perfectly understandable, but you should hang fire for a few moments. Sure, you could pick up the phone or announce the good news on Facebook, but wouldn’t it be more fun to let everyone know in a more creative fashion?
BeyoncĂ© caught everyone by surprise when she published an artistic photo on Instagram of her surrounded by flowers and cradling an enormous bump. Nobody even knew she was pregnant, let alone expecting twins!
You can take inspiration from BeyoncĂ©. Of course, most people can’t afford to hire an art director and a professional photographer when creating pregnancy announcement photos, but nevertheless, you can still have fun.
Telling Your Other Half 
If you are the only one who knows about the pregnancy, plan a special surprise for your other half. Wrap up the positive pregnancy test kit and hand it over with his morning coffee or write we are having a baby in the steam when you have a shower and then wait for him to spot the message. 
Telling the Grandparents
Embroider a baby bib with the news and send it to them or have t-shirt printed with a cute announcement and take a photo of your child (or fur baby) wearing it. 
Telling the Kids
Telling the kids a new baby is coming is a chance to have some fun. Organize a treasure hunt with baby-themed clues until they work out a new baby sister or brother is on the way.
Telling Friends
Bake some buns and take a photo of an iced bun sitting inside an oven, and then post it on social media. Alternatively, use body paint to draw a picture of a bun in your tummy and then take a selfie. That should cause some amusement!
Get Creative
There are some great creative applications available online. For example, you can create printable baby shower invitations or birth announcements using Adobe tools, but if you want to be creative when announcing a pregnancy, put together a photo collage using your baby’s ultrasound photo, some pink or blue booties, and cute baby accessories. You can post the photo to family and friends, or upload it to social media. Alternatively, if you haven’t told your children yet, frame the photo and let them figure it out for themselves!
Play a Game of Scrabble
Does your family enjoy a good game of scrabble? If so, you have a great opportunity to spill the happy news mid-game. You will need to wait until the right moment, but once you have the necessary letters, spell out baby words such as ‘baby’, ‘pregnant’, or ‘mother’. It should be fun seeing how long it takes your family to work out what you are trying to tell them!
There are plenty of fun ways to let the good news out, so make the most of this special time!