Saturday, May 20, 2017

How to Find the Best Movie for the Whole Family

Its family movie night, but you've gone through all movies you own. So now you need to pick a title off of Netflix or rent something. So what title do you choose? What is the whole family going to like? These are some ways to find a movie the entire family will enjoy together.

Pick themes and characters who relate -
Pick a theme which is relevant to your child's life. Pick characters which mimic your kids or your spouse. When they can relate to what they see on the TV, they are more likely to enjoy the movie and message. Further, it is a movie the whole family is going to actually enjoy, when you see the kids like it, and aren't fighting about what to change the channel to after 10 minutes in. Sometimes it can be hard to find films for the family. Good job there are sites which can help you find that perfect film. One example of a site is This site allows you to find films similar to films you like.

Consider inappropriate themes -
If you have younger kids, or if there are topics you don't feel comfortable with, make sure you read the synopsis of the film you are choosing. Especially if it is your teen child choosing it. Make sure it is age appropriate, something that isn't too deep, and something that won't stir up too many emotions or thoughts, or require conversations you are not ready to get into with the kids just yet.

Consider cartoons -
No, not the baby cartoons for your teen kids; but rather, older style cartoons and animation. Yes, there are plenty of comedies which take on this theme today. Your spouse will probably appreciate such films as well, and regardless of your children's age, they probably will appreciate the humour in these films as well.

It can be tough to find something everyone is going to love with diverse characteristics in the home. These are a few ways you can narrow down the options, to find something everyone is going to enjoy on family movie night.

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