Thursday, June 1, 2017

10 Romantic Vacation Spots To Visit With Your Significant Other

There’s nothing quite like the prospect of going on a relaxing break away that can fill you will happiness. When you lead a busy life and feel like you’re always on the go, the time that you do get to take out is always special. So, now that summer is on its way, it’s time to get excited about your next vacation. And when you get to turn a normal trip into a romantic vacation with the love of your life, your anticipation can kick up a notch or two.

Whether you’re looking to go on your first vacation as a couple, celebrate a monumental milestone in your relationship, or just enjoy an incredible trip together, there are a wealth of romantic spots around the world just waiting to be explored. From cities to the countryside, and busy trips to laid-back adventures, there’s a romantic spot somewhere in the world to suit every couple’s requirements.

First stop, Rome. If you’ve not seen this stunning Italian city, it might be the perfect place for your romantic break. Not only can you enjoy some really incredible sights and see some of the world’s most famous landmarks, but you get to enjoy authentic Italian food that’s sure to knock your socks off. From riverside walks to romantic meals, beautiful sunset drinks and lazy mornings in your hotel room, a vacation in Rome can be nothing short of magic.

The Lake District
Still focusing on Europe, but the complete opposite of a city, let’s talk about the Lake District. Found in the north of England, this beautiful area will give you that picture-perfect countryside retreat style vacation. If you’ve always wanted to experience rural British life, this is it. With a range of romantic hotels and incredible attractions and adventures to be had, a trip to the Lake District could be both cultural and memorable for you both.

Or maybe you’re looking for more of a breathtaking beach vacation that wows? When you want big and beautiful and stunning and show-stopping, head to the Maldives. Each of the Indian Ocean Islands has their own charm, but the Maldives is serene, stunning and a spot for ultimate indulgence. With luxury resorts and endless blue views, enjoy private pools and sun spots, beaches, and yachts as a part of your romantic vacation away.

And, of course, there’s always Paris. If you’ve not yet seen Paris for yourself, going with your significant other can be a complete treat. Not only is it known as the city of love itself, but it's also such a beautiful city that carries an infectious air of romance. If you’re looking to celebrate or be super lovey-dovey on your travels, Paris is the perfect place for it. With a wealth of romantic activities at your fingertips, it’s an obvious choice for a lovers retreat.

Rhode Island
If you want a short break away in the US, there are so many options that you could consider. But for an authentic air of elegance, slow-paced living and beautiful scenery, head to Rhode Island. With so many historic estates and captivating country bed and breakfast style accommodations, your trip will feel romantic from the second you check in. Enjoy the natural surroundings, culture and of course, time together right here in the states.

Maybe your idea of a romantic break away involves gorgeous weather, an infectious atmosphere and an endless supply of exception food and drink? When that’s the case, Hawaii calls. Maui has some really stunning resorts to facilitate your romantic break too. Just imagine yourself relaxing on a beach with a cocktail in hand, or enjoying a romantic meal while the sun goes down. If you’re not from the states, you just need to make sure you sort your USA Visa waiver before you come, so as not to ruin your romantic vibes.

If a city break is what you’re looking for, then what better location is there to head to that London? The big smoke has such a diverse culture that you’ll find a part of it that you fit right into. Whether you both want a laid-back weekend with lots of good food and a great arts scene, London’s got it. For something classically British, including high tea and a full English breakfast, you’ve also got some of the world’s best hotels to indulge in too. With so many sights and cultural experiences, London can offer you the romantic ‘you time’ that you’ve been hoping for.

Perhaps you’re both a well-traveled couple, and you want to enjoy a city with love in the air, more than you do the history and culture? Well, then Venice might be the spot for you. Of course, Venice does have a wealth of culture and history should you wish to see if, but you can also feel completely at ease just wandering the streets (or the rivers), eating, drinking and laughing your days away as a couple. The romance of Venice itself can often be enough to keep you occupied.

When your vision of romance is a lot rawer than put-together, you might enjoy a peaceful retreat in Bali more than anywhere else. With a range of cruises and excursions, entertaining performances and spa treatments, you’ll be really spoilt for choice. The culture of Indonesia is so incredible that you’ll always find something to do, even if lazy days spent on your picture perfect beach resort can’t cut it. And of course, you’ve always got delicious cuisine and cocktails to look forwards to too.

For times when you want to plan the trip of a lifetime, when you want to experience an entirely different culture and still feel romance in the air, a trip to India could be exactly what you’re looking for. Not only can you immerse yourself in the traditions of Indian culture while you’re there, and see some pretty impressive sights, but you have the option to stay in some of the most luxurious and romantic resorts in the world.


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