Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Helping Your Man Find The Lost Art Of Accessorizing

You might know every secret there is to know about women’s fashion and how to set yourself up for any occasion. However, when living with a man, you might come to the horrible discovery that he isn’t quite as hip to the art as you are. In particular, a lot of men nowadays are forgetting how to accessorize. But when you’re on a date or at a special occasion with him, you want him to look the part as much as you do. What can you do to help him add a bit more life and class to his outfits?

Exc-shoes me
Think about where you normally look first when sizing a guy up. When it comes to his outfit, we’re unconsciously drawn to the shoes, first. The shoes can tell you a lot about a man. They tell you about his status, about his attention to detail, about his care of those shoes and, in response, his image. Finding quality shoes for your man could instantly make any outfit much more presentable.
Watch those wrists
Nowadays, watches have fallen out of mainstream outfitting because we have lots of other tools that replace their primary function. But a phone doesn’t have quite the same impact on catching the attention when it comes to a watch. Watches, like shoes, signal style as well as performing a function. They’re a piece of elaborate craftsmanship and wearing a good watch shows an appreciation for the finer things, perfect for adding a bit of class even when a night out is more casual.
Drawing the eye
The two points above are what you might call the basics of accessorizing an outfit. But you could help your man stand out and look a cut above the rest by taking the extra step, as well. Earrings for men might not be quite as common as they are women but, because of that, they add a unique twist to his style that you might not otherwise encounter. They’re a great way to add a bit of bling to his ensemble without going garish with it.
Keeping away from the clash
It’s a generalization but a lot of men aren’t quite as adept at spotting clashes. The choices need to be cohesive, whether it’s going for a direct match or similar hues. The same goes for patterns. While the size of patterns should never be the same, giving an outfit a weird “I made this from the same sheet of fabric” look, the styles of the patterns should never vary too much, creating a jarring effect when taking in the entire look. Help your man match his colors and patterns by sticking with one fundamental piece of clothing and building to match around it.
You won’t be able to force your man to go with all of the tips above, however. But you can nudge him in the right direction. Most men would like the same things for their image as women would like to see from them. A little convincing might be all it takes to get him accessorizing like a boss.