Wednesday, June 7, 2017

How To Make On-Trend White Interior Design Work For Your Home

Color is one of the most influential areas of interior design. Few things will make a longer lasting imprint than the colors you choose, how you match them together, even the mood that they create in you.

If you’re planning your decor, it’s safe to say that this is one area that you have to get right. The first place you would probably turn for advice is probably the Internet and the wealth of resources on there dealing with interiors. If you do that, things can get… well…  white ... real quick.

White is the dominant color of modern interior trends. It dominates the Instagram homes that we look at photos of, trying to imagine how anyone lives in them. It dominates the style sections of interior magazines; Scandi accents on white walls has been the dominant theme for years now.

It’s said that an all-white home is easier to maintain than you might expect, which is an answer to the concern many people have about this decor scheme. It also excuses you from the need to think about which colors match which; if everything is white, then you’re in no danger of clashing. There’s also no doubt that this type of decor and interior can help reflect the light, making your internal space feel larger and brighter than it actually is.


… isn’t it a bit dull?

It’s nice in a photograph - there’s no denying that. But would it be so interesting to live with? If your stylish side is restrained only to pops of accent color, rather than feeling like the colors are surrounding you? There’s a lot to be said for the brightness aspect, but don’t forget that many of these photos will have been edited to ensure they show the room in its best possible light. Pun intended.

The truth is, a home that is based on the premise of being as white as possible is just as difficult to decorate as a blank canvas. You might have the easy starting color, but here’s the thing about white rooms: the white is the least important color. The only reason that these rooms look good is because of the color that surrounds them, used as an accent, celebrated in little decorative touches. Without these details, nothing but white has a tendency to look rather clinical - not a vibe that most of us would pick for our homes.

Therefore, if you want to make white work, it might take a bit more thinking time than you initially planned.

The first question you have to ask yourself is: how far are you going to push this white thing? Are you going to make your furniture white, or do you want to use it as a first chance for some much-needed color?

Here is a great way of using colors on furniture to add interest to a room:
There’s still plenty of focus on white; the walls, the table, the plant pot. However, the rich blue color stops it from becoming overwhelming and gives the room some depth.

Or perhaps monochrome is more to your taste?
It might just be shades of gray, but this is still infinitely more interesting than it would be if everything in the room were white. As these examples show, it’s important to think carefully about the color of your furniture when you put your rooms together.

The textiles of your rooms are the perfect method of adding color. Not only are texture accents relatively inexpensive, they can also be changed easily when you fancy something different.

Consider the cushions on your sofa as a jumping off point. Different colors and patterns tend to work well, offering a range of options inside a relatively small space.

The curtains or blinds should be considered, too. They don’t have to be bold statement colors, but something away from white will make a difference to the warmth of the room.

Finally, in the bedroom, think about the colors you want to use for the bed. Quality bed linens make a difference when trying to create that luxurious sanctuary feel that we all want from this room, especially if they are in a rich color. Go for patterns or metallic sheens if you want something more outlandish, while muted pinks and grays work well for something more low-key.

Finally, the floor. There is no doubt about it: a white floor is going to be incredibly difficult to maintain. The general mess and detritus that falls onto the floor of the average family home is going to show up on such a blank canvas. So while you can make white work everywhere else, for the floor, it’s essential to pick something more colorful or textured. It’s either that or consigning yourself to spending your life cleaning it!