Tuesday, June 6, 2017

How Wind Damage Leads to Water Damage

Wind and water can work in tandem to create a large amount of damage on a home in a short amount of time. A solid structure can be slightly damaged by wind and end up needing thousands of dollars in repairs from the resulting exposure to water. below are a few of the ways wind plays a key role in possible water damage to homes.

Severe Storms and Hurricanes
Houston sees a fair share of severe thunderstorm activity and hurricanes. These storms can get bad enough to cause major structural damage to any building. Winds in excess of 100 mph are not unheard of in a violent thunderstorm. Openings in the roof, siding, or broken windows and doors can cause rain waters to come pouring in to the interior.

Tree Limbs and Debris
Falling tree limbs can break windows, damage siding or land on top of the roof unnoticed. High winds can cause other forms of debris, such as trash cans, to become airborne and strike the building. Holes and cracks in siding allow water to infiltrate the inner walls of the house.

Damaged Roofing Materials
High winds can send debris flying and damage metal roofing, break tiles and remove sections of asphalt shingles. This will allow water to flow through the roof and down into the home. Hurricane force winds can remove roofing materials quickly. Always have the possible damage assessed and repaired following bouts of high winds.

Wind-Driven Rains
Storms with high winds can make rain fall in an almost horizontal pattern. This can drive the water under the eaves, finding a path inside the home through cracks and weakened areas. The wind can also drive the rain in behind the siding, causing even more water damage. You need to check for water dripping out from behind siding.

Tornado Activity
No one likes the thought of experiencing a tornado.They can be deadly and do tremendous structural damage within minutes. The circular winds of a tornado can easily exceed 150 mph. It can rip areas of siding, roofing and walls away completely. Water then has free-reign to damage every area of the interior it can reach.

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