Monday, June 5, 2017

How You Can Get The Best Out Of Your Computer

If you've got a computer - you want to get the best out of it - especially so if you've got a family. Computing gives them a great platform to learn, grow, play and communicate (responsibly, of course). For ourselves, the computer opens up jobs and opportunities; it allows us to research, study learns and do a bit more with our lives. Thanks to computing, almost every single aspect of our lives - be it at work or at home - seems a lot easier. We can access everything faster and more simpler than ever before - so we can say that computers are clearly here to stay.

But how do you get the most out of a computer? Well - you clean it - of course, and you care for it. You upgrade it, but if you aren't using the right applications and software on it, it won't have much use for you and your family. If you aren't using software, the use of your home computer is going to be rather limited and if you've spent a lot of money on a great rig - or a stylish MacBook or iMac - you might be wasting that cash! That's no good, is it?

The world of software is wide and varied - so we're going to do all the work for you. Here's a list of the applications that can help you and your family get the most use out of your computer.

1 - Spotify
If you aren't using Spotify - how are you jamming out? With it's free option that allows for limitless streaming and the premium version without adverts, Spotify is great for chilling out and playing tunes. Of course, the family edition allows you to keep your music separate from the teeny boppers and their playlists.

2 - KIK and Whatsapp
No matter how your family chooses to communicate, you can access a web or computer based version of the app. WhatsApp web can be accessed via a web browser, and you can Download Kik on your Mac or computer using the link. These are great options, and you're always going to prefer a physical keyboard over a tiny-tappy phone touch keyboard, aren't you?

3 - Garageband (or any other music apps)
Music is great, and if you're into your music and love playing it Garageband can take you to the next level. Not only does it let you practice quietly via a USB interface and headphones if you're using an Electric guitar - it allows you access to thousands of amps and effects that would cost a bomb physically. If you can’t get your hands on Garageband, there is a lot more options, but Garageband is great and simple.

4 - CCleaner
Computers get full of crud - and not physically (unless it's full of dust). Temporary files gained from internet browsing and downloads can take their toll. An application like CCleaner takes care of them and fixes issues, so that your computer can stay light and fresh and not be bogged down with all sorts of rubbish that gathers from regular web browsing.

5 - Avast
Internet security can not be taken lightly. If you're keeping your computer clean with CCleaner, you're doing one-half of the job. The other? It's about keeping the computer healthy and free of infection. The computer is infected in a similar manner to the human body - and we can keep it safe by scanning it with anti-virus software like Avast. If you're on the internet, you absolutely need anti-virus software, and you need to keep it update so it can identify the latest viruses. Educating your family about safety on the net also helps.

6 - Google Chrome
Of course, you need an internet browser to access the internet and the best amongst them is Google Chrome. It's intensive, but it's speedy, and it looks good. Of course, it's built right into the Google framework so works well with your Gmail and all of that. If you've got a Chromecast device, you can stream the browser right to your TV as well.

7 - Steam
If you love games, you need Steam. Steam is an online store for games as well as a cloud-based console for your PC. It's all built-in and is the default for gaming on computer right now. It has plenty of big sales and comes with safety features built right into it

8 - GIMP

If you want to make the most of your family's photos - use GIMP to make them look a lot better. It's a fully featured photo editor that is free and regularly updated. It’s easy to learn, and of course, free!