Thursday, June 22, 2017

So You’re In San Diego Soon? Here’s What Not To Miss

When you’re a bit of a travel bug, you’ll always find that you have a huge list of sights to see and places to hit - it’s often never ending. And with such a huge and beautiful country as our United States, there’s so much to choose from too. Regardless of what state you live in, or what cultures you’re interested in seeing, there’s always a reason to head to San Diego. Whether you’re stopping through on a road trip, or you’re in town for an event, there’s so much to see and do while you’re in SD. So make a note or bookmark this page, because each point has you covered.

Where To Stay
First of all, you’re probably wondering where you should be staying. In the city, you’ve always got a lot of options to consider - so there will definitely be a style of accommodation that suits your own taste and travel needs. Whether that’s a fancy hotel like the Paradise Point resort, or even a low-key hostel like La Jolla Shores Hotel when in San Diego, you’ve got plenty of options that will tick your boxes.

What To See
One of the best things about San Diego is how much there is to see. Because there’s a lot. Not only have you got the super cool attractions to think about, like Balboa Park set out over 1,200 acres, but there’s also the SeaWorld San Diego, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park and even the USS Midway Museum. And if the entertainment, animals, and history don't hook you, there’s the choice of Westfield centers to shop in too.

Getting Around 
Then there’s also the transport to think about when you’re in town. If you’re on a road trip, you may want to stick to using your car. But, it’s not your only option. Not only do you have the San Diego Charter Bus Company for group and event transportation, but the Big Bay Shuttle, city pedicabs, and even the train to consider too. So, you’ll soon be able to get from one spot to another in no time at all.

Foodie Stops
If you’re a big foodie, then you’re definitely going to want to know all about the best eats in San Diego. And you’re in for a treat because there are a lot. Whether you’re a burger or dog fan, love spicy food, or even want something for upmarket, SD’s got it all. With Hodad’s for burgers, Sab-E-Lee for incredible curries, and then, of course, the Marine Room for fine dining, your culinary experience awaits.

The Best Beaches
And of course, when you’re on the Cali Coast, you’re probably going to want to head to the beach. In San Diego, you’ve also got a few to cover off. When you want all day sun and to swim around in the sea, choose from a stop off at Coronado Beach, Mission Beach, or even the Pacific Beach, depending on whether you want super cool vibes, all day surf, or a day of serenity.