Wednesday, July 12, 2017

4 Great Ideas For Family Fun This Summer

Summer is a wonderful time of year, but it’s also a chaotic time of year. Everybody’s scrambling to get out and do as much as they can for this fleeting season of sun. That means everybody has had the same idea as your family and wants to make the most of this time. Still, if you’re smart about organizing your family activities then you don’t have to do things at the busiest times of the day or the busiest days of the week. You can still do all the most popular summer activities with your family. Here are some ideas if you’re running low on inspiration.

A day out: the zoo.
There’s a reason that this is at the top of the list: you can’t go wrong with the zoo. It’s something that we love no matter how young or how old we are because there’s something infectious about the lovable animals we see there; watching them simply exist and relish in the basic pleasures of life is funny and adorable simultaneously. A good suggestion over at is to find a smaller zoo if you have very young children so that the exhibits are close together and they don’t get tired or bored of too much walking around. You don’t want to ruin one of the few places that keep the entire family happy.

A day in: movie.
I know what you’re thinking. That’s a pretty lazy suggestion, isn’t it? I would’ve agreed with you until I saw this neat idea over at to have a fun indoor movie-making day. Instead of taking them out to the theater or watching a movie in silence, you could have fun with the kids by making your own movies. You don’t have to be the next Steven Spielberg to have fun directing a homemade film.

A day in: baking.
Baking is a great way to get the family all together and perhaps learning a few new tricks; it wouldn’t be bad at all to eventually have the kids baking food for you, whilst you put your feet up. You might even want to switch things up a little by moving away from the stereotypical cake or biscuit recipes and, instead, baking a family favorite with a twist. You could try out this crazy good waffle sandwich or some good old pancakes with banana split if the family already loves a sugary snack in the morning. Of course, that can be a weekend treat if you don’t want to overload your little ones (or the grown-ups of the house with a sweet tooth) on filling dessert food. Still, it’s about more than the end-result; it’s about the fun you have as a family to get there.

A day out: the lake.

Nothing beats visiting a local spot of beauty or perhaps venturing far out from your hometown to experience somewhere new. Perhaps you and the family could walk on a nice nature trail past a beautiful lake, or perhaps you could go swimming in your local lake. You might even want to take it one step further and hire a boat for a few hours with the family. You could check out some tips over at for renting boats safely, but there’s a lot of fun to be had once you’re out on the beautiful open water. You could do a little fishing, as that’s the pinnacle of all family activities when it comes to “bonding”. There’s good reason for that, of course; it’s still a lot of fun even if you don’t catch any fish.