Monday, July 31, 2017

5 Reasons You Need A New Addition...And We Don't Mean A Baby!

There’s nothing more exciting than being able to add something beautiful to your home. A big question for a lot of homeowners is whether they should move home or extend the home they already have, and if you have the planning permission, the cash and the space, adding something a little more is always the better option. Not only have you already spent a lot of cash investing in your current house, you would have got to know every creak, every join and every issue the house may have through all seasons. Better than anyone, you know whether your home could handle an extra room on the side, a renovation of the loft or even a basement improvement that could add value.
You don’t need the excuse of a new family member to extend the home you have. Perhaps the children are growing into their teens and need a little more space to thrive. Perhaps you’ve decided to work from home. Maybe you just want to add a little value to a home you love so much. Either way, we’ve got five reasons you should extend your home and make it more than you ever imagined it could be.
  1. More Space. A growing family always needs more room to breathe and an extra room in the home can often mean creating a dining room you’ve always dreamed about or having a playroom tacked on for the children. Speaking to a roofing contractor about converting the loft and extending the whole space is an absolute must before you get going as you really need to be aware of how big a job this could be. The space you create will also….
  2. Add Value. At this particular moment in time, you may have no plans to sell the house you’ve invested in. However, we all know how quickly things can change and it’s because of this you should always be thinking ahead. The value you can add to your home now will bolster it as the housing market progresses and if you do change your mind, you’re literally adding dollar signs to your house!
  3. Less Outgoings. Okay, so a huge renovation isn’t exactly cheap off the bat, but you can bet your bottom dollar it’s going to be cheaper than moving to a new house in the long run. If you spent $20k adding an extension to the house, you could add $40k to the value. That in itself is a reason to add rather than move.
  4. Modernise. Oh, how we love to make changes! Making your home look more updated and modern is never a bad thing and you can be the envy of the neighbourhood while you enjoy your newly renovated space!
  5. Better Life. It may sound a little out there, but you can really add to your lifestyle by adding that conservatory you’ve always longed for. Giving the teenager a space to breathe in the loft can also be a wonder when you all need a little room for hormones to flourish.
Your home needs a breath of fresh air once in awhile. Why not plan your addition, now, and don’t wait?