Monday, July 31, 2017

Are My Dental Habits Overkill?

Dentists often have to remind patients to keep up with good dental care habits. Although there are many out there who need this reminder, there is also a large percentage of people who take great care of their teeth. But is there a point where it becomes overkill?
Too much of a good thing can also be bad. The following are ways you could be caring too much, in regards to your dental hygiene:
Brushing too hard
Overbrushing by individuals is most often done with best intentions. However, there can be effects to overbrushing, or brushing too hard. Signs of brushing too hard include:
  • Receding gum lines
  • Enamel wearing down
  • Cavities found on roots of teeth
Although these are negative signs, they can be corrected by getting a softer brush, brushing gentler, and watching your brush to identify how often it wears out. If it has worn out in a month, you may need to brush a bit softer.
Over Flossing
Underutilized by most, flossing is a huge factor to healthy dental hygiene. But there are those who over floss, causing damage to both gums and teeth. So the question is, “how much is too much?”
Flossing once a day is just right. Unless you’re clearing food out of your teeth, fully flossing more than once can be too much.
Flossing too much, or too vigorously, will destroy the gum line over time, which can result in decay and cavities of the tooth.
Try to avoid a ‘sawing’ pattern when flossing. Wearing through the tooth enamel needs to be avoided, and overtime, can cause serious issues.
Too much Whitening
Who doesn’t want a whiter smile? Over the counter strips or bleaching treys are great options to reach your goals. However too much whitening can be a bad thing. The directions MUST be followed for over the counter products. Typically, one half hour a day for two weeks is enough. The idea that leaving them on longer means whiter results. Not the case.
Bleaching is also an addictive remedy that can become overkill. If bleaching is done too much, teeth will become more transparent, with a greyish tint. Only this time, more whitening is not going to solve the problem.
Moderation is key for everything, your dental care included. According to Dr. Stoddard, a Pocatello Idaho dentist, most patients who are overzealous with their dental care routine don’t realize it, and don’t know the harm they are doing. See your dentist for more information.