Friday, July 28, 2017

Modern Design For A Kid’s Bedroom: Can It Be Done?

As a parent, one of the hardest things in the world is decorating a child’s bedroom. No matter how hard you try, it is never good enough, and they outgrow it when you do get it right. If you are on the verge of saying ‘screw it,’ that is reasonable because the hassle is too much. However, for those of you willing to give it another go, the truth is that a modern and timeless design is possible. All you need are the trade secrets that will make life easier, and you can find them underneath.

Mix Old And New
An error that most parents make is to gut the room and fill it with as many new trends as possible. Although it looks good at the same, the place will soon age. The reason is simple: fashions change like the weather. So, instead of always being one step behind, try and get a move in front. To do this, all it takes is a bit of research into what could come back into fashion. Think about carpet and fabrics for a moment. In 2017, it is all about hardwood and smooth, polished finishes. However, fabrics are going to make a comeback in the future. If the room utilizes the trends before they are hot, there will be no need to redesign the entire space.

Don’t Conform To Color Stereotypes
When kids are, well, children, adults think that only two colors exist: blue and pink. And, you can’t mix them for the genders. As many parents have found out over the years, this idea gets old quickly. Before the kids reach their pre-teens, blues and pinks can appear outdated. Even a coat of paint won’t work because it isn’t about the shine; it’s about the color itself. With this mind, resist the urge to use ‘baby’ shades. Instead, try the Goldilocks option: not too old but not too young. Hopefully, this way the color scheme will last a lot longer.

Be Hip
Now, most people of a certain age realize they will never be cool again. For the most part, this is fine because there is no reason to be cool when you are an adult. But, all kids think about is being that person, which is why boring design just cannot be accepted. So, it’s essential to think outside the box and use hip pieces to make the room more modern. Foam bags and foam bag accessories are a good start, as is age-appropriate artwork. Also, don’t forget about using hobbies to your advantage and if you are stuck, why not ask your kids for advice?

Keep It Simple
Lastly and most importantly, do not go overboard. Kids want everything under the sun in their rooms, and it isn’t possible. Not only is it expensive, but the room ends up looking chaotic and cluttered. The key is to maintain a simple style and spruce it up with accessories to hit the sweet spot.

To answer the question in the title, yes it is doable.


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