Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Making A Meal Out Of It: Tips For Eating Out In Dubai

Dubai is a fantastic place for foodies and even the most discerning food critic will find something to impress them. Whether you decide to pack your family vacations with activities and adventures or you prefer to chill by the pool, you will have to eat at some stage. Food can make up a big part of your holiday budget so a little forward planning is a good idea.
Families often rent apartments in Dubai and you can successfully cater for yourselves in well-equipped kitchens with the full range of modern appliances.
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If you do feel like eating out, with or without the kids, it is best to get some local advice on what would be suitable for your needs. Consult my concierge for a bespoke dining experience in Dubai. You can choose from the range of casual dining options, fine dining, and afternoon tea in some spectacular locations. You are guaranteed the best value for money and support.
The best plan is to mix and match your dining options. Try a few of the fine dining options, a few meals in your apartment and a few budget meals. That way you get to sample everything that Dubai has to offer.

Burgers at Salt in Jumeirah

This is one for the kids. Salt originated as a food truck serving simple yet irresistible mini-burgers. Now it is two silver Airstreams parked permanently at Kite Beach. You will have to join a queue to place your order (there is never no queue)! You can take a seat on the recycled pallet furniture directly on the beach and wait for your order to arrive. In the height of summer, when the heat is unbearable you would be wise to retreat into the air-conditioned glass cube to enjoy your burger.
The choice is simple and this is a plus when you have kids. There are just three types of burgers with Wagyu beef or chicken. You do get the option of Cheetos which is a type of crushed crisp. To top it off, all you need is a side order of fries and a milkshake to wash it all down. Treat yourselves to a sweetly spiced Belgian biscuit for dessert.

Al Tawasol in Deira

If you want your dining experience to be authentic and delicious, this is the place for you! Al Tawasol serves authentic Middle Eastern street food. This experience allows you to escape from the in-your-face opulence of downtown Dubai. You will dine on genuine Emirati food but watch out for the elements of Yemeni cuisine and even influence from Oman.

If you want to turn this into an unforgettable experience, reserve some of the best seats at Al Tawasol on the carpeted floor. You will be allocated your own private Bedouin-style tent for a truly authentic experience. Do not leave without trying the ‘mandi’ – which is a glorious chicken and rice dish from Yemen. You should keep with tradition and eat it with your hands but you can request a fork if you really need one!