Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Things You Should Know About Fire Safety

Whenever there's breaking news concerning a huge fire in a home or office building, it's hard not to feel a sense of dread that you might not know all that there is to know about fire safety. Sometimes fires happen and there's nothing that could have been done to prevent it, but in other situations, fires were completely preventable. To help you ensure that you never find yourself the unfortunate victim of a fire, here are some things you should know about fire safety.

Not Every Building Is Safe
We like to think that we live in a society where all buildings have been vetted and checked to ensure that they're fireproof. Sadly, this is simply not the case. Many irresponsible building owners allow their buildings to remain hazardous, even when they know that their building is dangerous. For example, a warehouse that was used for dance parties in California tragically burned down due to irresponsible practices by the landlord. If you're ever at a concert or event and the situation seems unsafe or you feel that you'd be in danger in the event of a fire, leave. No party is worth risking your life.

Always Have A Backup Plan
If your house burst into flames and you were in your bedroom, your first instinct would be to exit your room and head towards the stairs. However, if smoke and flames were blocking your path, you might have no option but to exit through the window. This is why it's important that everyone invests in escape ladders for homes. Furthermore, if you have security bars on your windows, it's imperative that there's a mechanism that allows them to open from the inside. Security bars are meant to keep intruders from coming in; they're not meant to keep inhabitants from going out.

Make A Fuss
If you're a renter who knows that the smoke detectors in your building's hallways are inoperable, say something. If you work in a setting and you see unsafe or hazardous conditions, bring it up to either your boss or the owner. For instance, if you can see that large batteries are not being charged safely at work, you can request that a safer way be introduced, such as charging them in a secure cabinet made by STOREMASTA. In the aftermath of many fires, employees or residents will acknowledge to local media that they knew that the building had unsafe conditions but that they were too intimidated to say something. Never be afraid to make a fuss when it comes to fire safety. You could potentially be saving someone's life.

If you follow these tips, you can stay safe against preventable fires.