Friday, July 21, 2017

10 Reasons To Experience Living Abroad


Moving to another a country is a big decision. A lot of us will contemplate it for years on end, but never bite the bullet. Adult ties such as children or career prospects may keep us at home. However, there’s always retirement to free up that extra time to follow our dreams.
Living abroad needn’t be a permanent change of lifestyle. A year or even six months may be all that’s needed to satisfy your curiosity. For those that have been considering moving abroad for some time but never been able to commit, here are some reasons to take the plunge.

It can be a great break from home dramas
You shouldn’t run away from your problems in all cases – some commitments may be too important. However, there are other times when a break could be healthy for the mind and soul. If you’ve recently broke up with a partner and are working a job that you don’t enjoy, it could be the perfect time to get away and make a fresh start. Moving abroad is the biggest change to your lifestyle that you can make, making it easy to focus your thoughts elsewhere.

You’ll build independence
Of course, moving somewhere new isn’t easy and you’ll have no-one to guide you along the way. Suddenly you’re having to work out everything for yourself from cultural norms to a different currency system to potentially another language. Ultimately however, this will make you more self-sufficient and independent. If you’ve always relied on the help and support of other people, moving abroad will train you to no longer need this dependency (when coming home, the chores of everyday life will seem simple).  

You’ll quench your thirst for adventure
Well… not entirely. Living abroad may give you the bug to travel more and go on more solo escapades. However, in older life, you will be able to look back at your move abroad without any regrets. Even if it’s a total disaster (hopefully it won’t be!), the very experience will be something you can treasure.


Living costs will be lower
Living costs such as rent, food and bills are likely to be cheaper in most places around the world. Of course, a job is likely to pay less too. This is why it’s worth saving up. Save up a couple month’s spending money in your home country and in some places abroad that could last you a year, or allow you to live like a king for a couple months.

It will strengthen your CV
Living abroad has been shown to give people the edge when pursuing a new career. Your CV will stand out from the pile if you’ve worked in a foreign country as this will show independence, an ability to adjust to a new environment and a sense of adventure that could come in handy in many job roles involving risks. Meanwhile, you may be able to get qualifications abroad at less of a cost than at home.

For all the sacrifices, there will be added luxuries
Certain living standards may be less than you’re used to. However, there could be small luxuries that make up for this. When seeking a new property abroad, you may notice features such as swimming pools, balconies and windows incredible views – the stuff you don’t get back home but is taken for granted in this new country. There may get to explore new sights and see new wildlife. On top of this, the air may be fresher, the temperature may be warmer and less clouds may even make you happier.


You could adopt a healthier lifestyle
Adding to the point of less pollution and more vitamin D, there are likely to be changes to your lifestyle that force you to live more healthily. You may have to rely on fresh foods, encouraging you to improve your diet. There may be a greater requirement to walk long distances, and less technology may result in more manual work. Not every aspect of their lives may be healthier – in some countries, water quality is something to look out for. However, there are certain to some bonuses that will get living a healthier lifestyle. If you choose to go home after, you may even adopt some of these methods for good.

You’ll realise what’s most important in life
As clich├ęd as it sounds, living abroad can make you realise that life’s not all about money, or certainly material wealth. In some countries that aren’t even third world, homeowners may not even have a TV, not because they can’t afford it, but because they have no purpose for it. There may be a greater focus on family or natural living or simplicity that you may take inspiration from.

Similarly, you’ll realise that there are certain prejudices and methods of backward thinking that you’re glad we don’t have back home. Realising what other cultures have to deal with could make you reassess the things you take for granted for back home. All of this will be individual to you as a person, but you can be sure you’ll learn something about the way you live that you’ll want to change after.

You’ll make new friendships
People often fear the loneliness of moving abroad, and whilst you will have to think on your own feet a lot more and get comfortable being by yourself, it’s almost certain you’ll meet other people who will eventually become friends. These friendships are likely to get you through your experience living abroad. Because every culture has a different way of socialising and bonding, it will be a unique friendship which you can learn from.

Developing friends around the world can then be useful if you ever want to return to that country in the future. Somebody may be willing to let you stay at their house if you ever come back. You’ll also have people around the world that you can communicate with and keep updated on world news. Most likely you’ll want to keep in touch just to share stories and memories.

You’ll make great memories
Talking of memories, this is the certainly the biggest reward of moving abroad. When you’re older and you look back on your life, you’ll be able to say to yourself that you did it – you experienced living abroad.

Recording memories in this day and age of course has become so much easier. All of us have cameras on our phones capable of taking both photographs and videos, allowing you to look back upon your time abroad with all its gritty details.

You’ll also be able to bring back meaningful souvenirs. On top of this, you may be able to leave your print on the country you live in. Whether you choose to work there or simply make friends, you’ll make an impact in other people’s lives much greater than simply being a tourist.