Monday, July 24, 2017

5 Unorthodox Tooth Trends

Standing out from the crowd has always been part of human culture. Whether a person wants to be unique, set a trend, or just live outside the norm, there have been countless fashion trends come to pass. As wild as some trends are, others catch on and go with it. The team at Desert Hills Dental Care, Farmington dentists, put together five trends we have seen regarding your pearly whites.
You may have heard Paul Wall rap about them in a song, seen a sparkling set on a celebrity, or picked up your own set at a local provider. Grills are a form fitted mouth piece that slips over your teeth for cosmetic appeal. From solid gold, to diamond encrusted sets, grills have the sole function of “blinging” out your smile.
Vampire Fangs
With the vampire craze that has been seen over the past few years, many super fans have gone to the extent of filing their teeth to vampire-like fangs. The bicuspids are the targeted tooth to file, and this trend has been seen worldwide. Veneers are also a route many people take for a less permanent approach.
Tooth Gems
These small, glittering gems are either permanently drilled, or glued to a tooth for a unique sparkle with your smile. Increasingly popular, this dental trend is a less expensive route for a unique smile, and the process can be simple, with take home kits in many varieties.
Crooked Teeth
Who goes out of their way to have a crooked smile? Well, many people do. A trend on the rise, primarily in Japan, adding veneers in a misaligned or crooked arrangement is all the rage. The crooked, or “yaeba” teeth are said to give a mischievous or playful look to one’s smile.
Tooth Tattoos
Few and far between, tooth tattoos are just another way to reach new boundaries and stand out even more. These non-permanent alterations are gaining momentum with the ability to interchange designs, customize however you’d like, and certainly grab attention.
Although many of these tooth trends are a bit outlandish, all trends will one day fade out, only to be replaced by a new trend. We may not see these stick around for too long, however don’t be shocked when you get a glimpse of one!