Thursday, September 21, 2017

Barbecue Tips to Check Out in 2017

Thinking of inviting your friends or family over for some grilling and perhaps drinks? Chances are you probably want to make that day memorable and if so, we look forward to helping you meet your goal.

You could host your party in different ways and usually it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the many different options you have to sort through just to narrow down on what seems to work out best for you.
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Well, we went all out to fetch for simple and wonderful barbecue ideas that will save you all that hustle and make your special day just as you want it: special and memorable. So let’s get down to them:

Give Your Party a Theme

Away from the typical BBQs often chocked up with barbecue chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers and other related bites, there are a range of other themes you could opt for. Popular ones include 90’s themed parties, cool themed summer barbecues, Surf and Turf barbecues, nautical barbecues, all white parties, just to name but a few.
You could as well pick out a color scheme you feel works out well with the mood of the party. Getting yourself a theme will help to pick out appropriate menu options as well as decor.


Mostly we tend to keep our backyard barbecues pretty casual which is okay but if you want to make it special and worth being remembered you could add some decor to it. Start with the tables as they are an important element of a barbecue party.
Blend sizes, colors and textures and also don’t forget to layer the tablecloths. Centerpieces are a great addition too and on top of that plan for appropriate lighting. Paper lanterns, citronella candles, votive candles, tiki torches, home-made lanterns are all great options you have at your disposal.

Menu+ Side Dish + Special Drinks

Barbecues are mainly centered on food. If you get it wrong, your whole party will probably be whack. So on top of all the grilled bites, add some side dishes such as salads, appetizers, summer fruits, veggies, and of course drinks. Remember there could be some non-meat eaters too so having a variety ensures everyone is well catered for.
If it’s a smaller party, throw in some details such as baguettes in place of the typical bread. For drinks, you could go beyond the usual beer and perhaps add some special drinks such as cocktails for your guests.


Have a variety of entertainment options to keep your guests engaged during the barbecue. Good music is of course almost a must. Typical backyard games like badminton, cards or volleyball are nice options too. If there will be kids, provide activities that will keep them busy and entertained: water balloons, water guns, slip and slide, name it.

A Mini Drone

A mini drone is probably the coolest addition to your barbecue ideas list. In fact, you no longer need to dig deep into your pockets to lay your hands on one. A mini drone is inexpensive and best of all far easier to use. You definitely would wish to keep the memories of your party and what better way to do it than capturing as many cool images and videos as you can.
With a mini drone, this becomes even more fun to do as you can fly it over your party and capture different moments during your barbecue party. If you don’t have one yet, you could check out the top mini quadcopters with camera and pick one that looks good to you.

Each of these tips is special and if you apply them correctly, you will no doubt have remarkable memories of your barbecue party.  Take a little time to plan for each and more importantly, consult widely.

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