Thursday, September 21, 2017

Winter's Coming: 5 Ways to Winter-Proof Your Home

It may seem like Summer was only yesterday, but with only 13 weeks until Christmas (that’s just 95 days), it’s time to start preparing for Winter. The Winter months can be long and harsh, so the more prepared you are, the easier it will be to enjoy it. One of the most important things to Winter-proof is your home. You’ll want to be able to come in from the cold to a nice warm house, where you can feel comfortable. Similarly, having a dry, warm home will keep those nasty cold symptoms away from the whole family. So, what do you need to do?


Bring Garden Furniture Inside
Winter often brings with it heavy rain and winds. The type of wind that blows garden furniture around might be rare, but if you’re expecting heavy winds, it’s best to bring the furniture inside if you can, or tie it down in the garden. Furniture blowing in heavy winds can cause lots of damage to a property, so it’s not worth the risk. Bringing your furniture inside will also ensure it doesn’t rust or get damaged in rain and snow.

Check Your Roof
When it comes to leakages, we often find them too late. If you can check your roof before bad weather sets in, you’ll have a clear window to get any damage fixed and avoid damp getting into the house. Don’t attempt to fix problems yourself; it’s much wiser to pay for a roof repair service and have the peace of mind that it’s been done properly. Climbing onto a roof can be dangerous, so always ask a professional to do it, instead of risking it yourself.

Fill in Cracks
Before Winter sets in, take some time to go around the house and look for any cracks or holes in the walls and cavities. Not only will they let damp into the house, but they’ll also allow drafts through making it harder and more expensive to heat your home. Large cracks can even allow rodents to climb through. If you spot any cracks in your walls, be sure to fill them up before it gets cold and wet.


Rough Door Mat
It may sound like a simple thing, but it could save you hours’ worth of cleaning. During the Winter months, we tend to trample through mud, sludge, snow and everything else dirty. It’s difficult to keep that mess out of the house but a rough door mat at the front door will help to catch the majority of mess your family may traipse through the house.


Upgrade Doors and Windows
If you’ve noticed that you get drafts from the doors or windows, it could be time to upgrade. Other signs will include a build-up of condensation on the glass or damp spots around the windows and doors. Upgrading will ensure you stay warm and your family doesn’t have to put up with damp in the home.

There are many other things you can do to prepare for a change in the weather, including stocking up on some cosy throws for the sofa so the Winter nights are a bit more magical.