Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Open Road: Plan Your Family's Next Big Adventure

Just because summer has left, it doesn’t mean that family vacations, adventures, and road trips need to be forgotten until next year. If you have a car, caravan, or an RV; you have the means to take the kids away, even if it’s just for a night, or over a weekend. Braving colder weather conditions is all part of the fun, and the focus can be on quality time with one another, and plenty of physical exercise and activities, so you can make some great memories.

It can be as simple as popping your fingers down on a map and heading out on a Friday evening, or Saturday morning, with plenty of supplies in tow. So, if your family are missing the fun of summer; keep the momentum going, and utilize your weekends more. The following are some tips, ideas, and advice on taking a road trip with your loved ones; for those who love an adventure.

You can forget about expensive meals, that you’d have to pay for if you were on vacation in a hotel; a road trip is all about the food and snacks you pack up yourself, and the process of cooking them. A cool-box is a great investment and will keep any meat you intend to BBQ, or heat over an open fire, cold and fresh. Soda and beers can also be kept at their ideal temperature, so you’ll be able to quench your thirst after a long drive during the evening. Picnic baskets full of sandwiches, potato chips, and snacks, will also be the perfect addition to your adventure, so stock up on what you know will satiate everyone’s appetite. Don’t forget; if you’re planning a campfire, take your ketchup and relishes for burgers and hotdogs (you’ll kick yourself if you forget).

If you’ve packed up the trunk of your vehicle with the food you’ll all devour later in the journey; you’ll also need to ensure there are enough snacks and drinks in the car. Kids will love the added surprise of you pulling out some of their favorite treats along the way; make sure you also have enough tissues and wipe to deal with sticky fingers, and potential spillages (there might be bumps in the road; literally). Disposable BBQs or campfire supplies are also a must; the novelty of cooking simple meals, outside over a fire will never wear thin, so it’s worth investing in the right kit, especially if you plan to make this a regular thing. Check out All Recipes for some inspiration on what to cook up over your campfire, and ensure that your adventure is full of delicious food.

Assuming that you’re going to camp, or your caravan or RV provides adequate accommodation for your whole family; you’ll want to make the trip as comfortable as possible. You don’t have to stick to separate sleeping bags and pillows aimed at camping; you can add a cozy touch by bringing the bedding you utilize at home. Pillows or cushions in the car will be a great touch for passengers to take a nap on and throw in a blanket or two for added warmth. Don’t forget to take extra clothes, more than what you’d normally wear each day, as there’s a risk of getting muddy and wet (remember; it’s an adventure). Towels will also come in extra handy, especially if it decides to rain. Storybooks, games, and music will all add to the fun, and they’re a great insurance policy if the weather doesn’t cooperate. Basic toiletries, a torch or two, and a smile will go a long way on your mini vacay; so make sure you pack accordingly!

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You’ll need to ensure that your car or vehicle has plenty of room to fit the whole family inside comfortably, alongside all those supplies mentioned earlier. If you get the bug for regular road trips and expeditions; it might be worth investing in a larger vehicle, or RV, so that you can save money on future vacations, and enjoy more staycations; seeing the sights as you drive. Check out sites like Loan Center for details on how you could invest in new transport and ensure that your family are safe and comfortable during your road trip adventure together. You can get the kids involved in cleaning your mode of transport before you set off, and after you’ve returned home for some extra pocket money. You’ll want the interior to be as clean and fresh as possible for an enjoyable trip.

Consider popping some blackout stickers on the windows in the back of your car or RV; this will ensure that the sunlight doesn’t get in the eyes of any little ones, and the temperature of the vehicle stays consistent. Put your favorite radio station or music on; however, make sure that the designated driver can concentrate properly and isn’t distracted by any loud noises. Tablets and iPhones can be utilized to keep kids quiet; put one of their favorite movies on and they’ll stay quiet and well-behaved for as long as needed.

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You’ll need to choose a place, or places, that are within reach so that you can get there and back successfully within the space of your weekend. This is why it’s great to have a planned destination in mind before you set off, so you can work out how much time it’ll take, where to refuel, and how much time you can spend there, in advance of your journey. Maybe there’s a location that’s sentimental, and you want to show your kids, or perhaps there’s a festival or event happening that your family will love, or maybe you just need to escape into nature, and a forest or coastal setting will be the perfect place to do so.

As long as you’ve packed all the right gear, have enough gas in the tank to get there and back, and can’t wait to spend quality time with your family; you’ll have an adventure to remember, every time you set out on the open road.

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