Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Things To Keep In Mind When Exploring Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park

Going camping is not a phrase you hear all too often, but in certain parts of North America, it’s the only way to explore the gorgeous surroundings. This is especially true if you’re heading into the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. The mountains aren’t very tall, but at the same time, they provide a sturdy challenge to any daring explorer who wants to brave the conditions on their own. The trees are dark green and full of energy and life, while the glacier snow at the peaks is still visible to this day. The journey around the park is going to be exhausting but so rewarding. You cannot go unprepared as you must know how to live comfortably while sleeping outside. You’ll be truly in nature’s backyard, so if you’re going to spend a few nights out in the woods, you’ll need a few principles to guide you through.

Image by - philriley427

Bring the right boots
The surface is going to be very uneven as you can imagine, but even more so, because of the rock formations down the side of the mountains are very steep and rough. Unlike the mountain climbing boot which is thicker and fits higher up the feet, the hill walking boot is smaller and designed to fit in crevices. Hill boots are also much more flexible, and the rubber is more adhesive, giving you greater grip in dry conditions, and improved balance on wet surfaces. The best kinds of boots will have great outsoles as they will bear the brunt of your adventures. So, they must have good quality rubber or TPR along the bottom of the boot which will also have the tread incorporated smoothly into it.

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Stay hydrated
The park itself is around 1,070 kilometers squared, so a vast area. Together with the mountains, and the gigantic forests with trees that grow over 50-feet tall, you’ll be walking a lot from location to location. Don’t forget, there is snow at the peaks of the mountains, and the cold water drifts downward and under the atmosphere of the park throughout. Keep your water hot with something like Thermo Boutique stainless steel water bottles. They’re sleek and can easily fit in your backpack, giving you the ability to carry multiple sources of water. Since they’re made from stainless steel, the rough and tumble of backpacking across a vast area is no problem for the bottles because they’re not going to be crushed or split if they fall.

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Bring a great backpack
The size and weight of the backpack all depend on how much you want to carry. However, this relies on a number of days you’ll be exploring the park for. Useful features on a backpack are the amount of support the outer pockets give to heavy loads. Sometimes the pockets are made from a synthetic mesh, which can rip, but there are also materials like plastic or woven cotton that give great support. The frame designs will determine how well they fit on your back so try to go for fit and size, so try to consider the overall weight they can carry, conducive to how well they will support your needs.

Camping in the woods and mountains is one of those things you just have to do before the inevitable. You’re truly connected with nature and can almost sense the origins of human beings among the rocks and trees. Go prepared with the right kind of equipment and keep in mind that function and safety are your top priority.