Friday, September 8, 2017

Powerful Tech Tools for When You're in Dead Zones

Half your job as a mother is worrying. You want to make sure your kids are safe and happy, especially when you're not right by their side. Your motherly anxiety increases exponentially when you can't get a hold of your children because either you or they are in a dead zone. While you may not be able to fix this problem completely, you can follow these steps to get better reception no matter where you are:

Identify the Problem

There are many reasons why you might not be getting cell reception. Some common explanations usually have to do with your location. If you can, get closer to the nearest tower or change your location. If you're in a crowded city, move away from tall buildings, cluttered rooms and other areas where your signal might be blocked. Take note of old movies and TV shows where people look silly waving their phones around or moving to a window. This isn't just for show (although it may be a bit exaggerated). The fewer obstructions you have, the clearer your signal will be.

Buy a Signal Booster

Sometimes you can't change your location just to get a signal. If you know you or your children are going to be in an area that is obstructed by buildings, trees or other objects, it's time to try a signal booster. These devices use an external antenna to pick up weak cell signals that your phone cannot detect and boost them up to 32 times their strength. WeBoost is a popular option  because it is FCC approved, works with all carriers and gives you a strong, clear signal.

Try a Femtocell

If you're in a cabin in the woods or tall office building where you have broadband internet, you can use a femtocell to transfer that signal to transfer that signal into cellphone reception. You need at least a 1.5 Mbps download speed and 256 Kbps upload speed to get a decent signal, so make sure your modem is up to the challenge. For example, Qualcomm offers lightning fast and reliable cellular modems so your femtocell won't slow your internet speeds down to a crawl. Each cellphone carrier has different names for their femtocells, and they typically range from $100 to $300. But you can't put a price on connecting with your children.

Use Alternative Devices

When you're in the middle of nowhere with no towers around, you may need to resort to a device other than your cellphone to communicate. Satellite phones, such as the such as the Iridium Extreme, are popular options because you can get a signal in even the most remote parts of the world. However, some of their functionality may be limited compared to your smartphone and they can be on the pricey side. If you're in close range to your children, walkie talkies are a viable option. These devices are great if you're driving over the border into Mexico or Canada in separate cars or if you get separated on a hike.

You have plenty of things to worry about as a mother, so don't waste your time with dead zones and dropped calls. Use the resources available to you and explain them to your children so you can always stay in touch. It's worth a few extra dollars and a little effort.