Monday, September 25, 2017

Surprise! Another Bill

Surprise! Something has gone wrong and here is your surprise bill that you are in no way prepared for. Isn’t it great? (You can taste the sarcasm.)

Surprise payments are never fun, and always seem to appear one after the other when you are low on funds anyway. Bills like these can come from anywhere; your car breaking down, your roof leaking, a hospital trip - a whole number of other things can pop up and shock you. They are aggravating, but a part of life and the only thing to do it to meet them head-on with a plan to pay them and to stop it happening again.

Save wherever you can, whenever you can, and however much you can save year round. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst - obviously, you don’t want your brand new Jeep to blow its head gasket, but now that it has, you have the money to pay for the repair. Get yourself a high-interest savings account so that your money makes money while you go about your normal day-to-day life, and just top it up whenever you can.

Insure it!
Get insurance for your home, for your car, for your family. Spending a little each month on insuring the things that will cost you the most money, is better than the huge bill you’ll get after your kid’s arm has finished healing, or when you drop your brand new iPhone X and smash the screen. If the seller offers you a year warranty on an item for a few dollars, you might as well take it just in case. Comparison websites are everywhere these days just waiting to find you the right type of insurance, sites like are among the top comparison sites.

Extra Dollar!
Sometimes there is no time to prepare for a bill, and you need the money to cover it before you get into major debt - places like can provide you with that cushion. Yes you will then have a monthly payment to make to the loan people or the bank, but some surprise bills don’t come with a monthly option - it’s a pay now or be in major trouble situation.

Check it!
If you are given a surprise bill, then check the information before just paying it. If something doesn’t seem right then question it, but don’t fly off the handle. It might be that you have made an innocent mistake and forgot that you paid for something on your card, or that you haven’t transfer enough money to that card to cover the rent - explaining away an overdraft charge. If you have ruled out yourself, then call the company and talk to them, if it is a mistake on their part, then if is usually easily sorted. If not then you might want to think about talking to a lawyer to put a bit of strength behind your argument.