Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Spend Less Silver On Jewelry


Jewellery needn’t be an expensive gift. Whether you’re buying a birthday gift or even an engagement ring, there are plenty tricks for spending less on jewellery.

Avoid high street jewellers
Your big brand jewellery stores will make the biggest profit and so usually charge the highest rates. Opt for smaller independent stores, or alternatively buy online. If you’re buying for someone and they’ve seen something in a high street window, make a record of the type of jewellery and see if you can find it on the web from another seller – it’s likely to be cheaper in most cases.

Shop at a second-hand store
Pawnbrokers, vintage stores and flea markets can all be prime places to find cheap jewellery. You’ll largely find classic jewellery in these places as these are often places where people go to flog old family heirlooms. You’re less likely to find newer styles of jewellery in second-hand stores so bear this in mind.

Shop second-hand online
There are plenty of sites online for buying second-hand jewellery. The likes of are great for finding valuable necklaces and rings at a discounted price. When shopping online, you can’t always get a clear idea of the condition – always make sure they’ve supplied photographs, as well as a description on the condition. Reviews and ratings are worth looking out for as they can tell you who is a trusted seller.

Try an auction
Auctions can sometimes be great places to find cheap good quality jewellery. You’re more likely to save money on an online auction site where there’s a greater range of items to bid on. Like online seller sites, it’s worth always reading reviews first. Reviews such as this one can help you to determine whether a bidding site is reliable and honest. Always go into a bid with a maximum budget to avoid overspending.

Opt hand-crafted
Jewellery may not always have to come from a brand. There are plenty of online places where you can get hand crafted jewellery such as There may also be a local shop that sells hand-crafted jewellery. On top of this, if you’ve got a holiday abroad planned, it’s worth looking for hand-crafted jewellery stores abroad as these can be great for cheap hand-crafted gifts. This could result in something more unique and personalised, as well as often being very affordable.

You may also know a friend or family member that can make jewellery. Alternatively, if you have the patience, you could attempt to make your own. Parts and gems aren’t as expensive to buy as you may think and there are plenty of guides and video tutorials online that you can teach yourself from.

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