Thursday, October 5, 2017

Get The Spa Feeling At Home Without Buying The Infamous Hot Tub

Halloween is lurking around the corner: It’s almost time for pumpkin pies and scary masks. Do you know what the season is ideal for too? Large, outdoor hot tubs! Unfortunately for a lot of people, the idea of building an outdoor spa center in their home remains just a dream. You can probably guess why: Hot tubs are too expensive for most American families. In fact, most of us can barely afford the hot tub cover, so it’s obvious that the garden decking with your own spa is an impossible thing. In fact, the entry-level prices are anywhere between $3,000 and $5,000, and they only offer entry level services too.

It’s a plug and play installation that you need to fill with a garden hose. With a luxury hot tub with a price ranking up to $16,000+, you get a spa that will last for 20 years, high-quality hydrotherapy massages, edgy design and an excellent filtration system too. Yep, that’s the hot tub we’re all dreaming off but can’t buy. However for a tenth of its price, you can recreate the perfect spa feeling in the comfort of your own home and feel just as relaxed. Care to give it a go?

Start by refreshing your bathroom
Don’t fool yourself: You don’t need a hot tub for a spa experience at home. But you need a trendy and spacious bathroom to start with. Maybe it’s the occasion to give your bathroom some needed restyling and redecorating attention. A bathroom that is fit for purpose will go a long way, and more importantly, it will help you to relax. Consider your bathtub. Is it so old that there’s a thin coat of deposit that you can’t remove regardless of how much you try to wash it off? Maybe it’s time to look at a large collection of freestanding tubs to pick your new bathtub. Freestanding tubs are not only elegant, but they also help to declutter the room, which will give you the feeling of a spacious place. The addition of large mirrors in a bathroom is always a nice touch: Not only are they practical when the whole family is trying to get ready in the morning, but they also give more depth to the room. Finally, give your bathroom walls some much-deserved love. As the bathroom is the first room to show signs of tear and wear in your home, you should, as a rule of the thumb, repaint your bathroom every 2 to 4 years. So make it exciting, and pick a glamorous color: Blush gold or pastel green is a great choice this year.

Create some spa cleansing magic in the kitchen
If you’ve been to a spa center before, you probably stood in amazement in front of the shelves full of body products, from body scrubs to facial masks. You don’t need to break the bank to buy a vast selection of the best products on the market. You can make your own at home and get similar results. You could start with a detox bath to flush all the toxins out of your system: All you need is to add a few drops of essential oil and two cups of Epsom salt to your bath. Then follow with a citrus sugar body scrub, which combines coconut and olive oil with cane sugar, a few drops of lemon essential oil and two tablespoons of lemon zest. You’ll feel invigorated!

Your spa mood for under $50
If you love DIY and are feeling up to the challenge you could make your own scented candles to keep in the bathroom and light as you enjoy a relaxing bath. It doesn’t take long, and thankfully there are plenty of online tutorial on Pinterest for this! If you’re not tempted by this bit of craft, you can just as well buy a premade scented candle in a shop. Try to pick relaxing scents, such as citrus fruits, jasmine or lavender.

Give yourself some spa VIP treatment
Finally, give yourself the proper spa treatment. Wrap yourself in a warm and comfortable robe after your relaxing bath, and enjoy a rest on the couch. Bonus points if you have an open fire that you can light up. And don’t forget to prepare a nice drink in advance: A homemade chai latte is a perfect choice to complete your sense-enhancing spa afternoon at home. Or maybe a matcha latte? Anyway, try to avoid energetic drinks such as black coffee after a spa break. You need to chill out, not to wake up!

Maybe you don’t need to get a hot tub after all? Maybe all it takes to relax is to create your perfect spa break at home, with homemade scrubs and a yummy warm drink.