Thursday, October 5, 2017

4 Invaluable Lessons You Need To Pass Down To Your Kids


In life, you can either focus on the positives or the negatives. You can either look at that glass as being half empty or you can top it up slightly and make sure it is half full. It would have been so easy for us to write a parental advice blog about the way parents harm their children without even realizing, but that just isn’t our style. Instead, our mojo focuses on the positives, which is why we have pulled together a list lessons and virtues we should be teaching our mini-me’s. That is our responsibility, right? That’s what we signed on for when we became a flag bearer of parenthood.

Don’t worry, we’re not going to add to the bombardment of information that parents have to endure when it comes to raising our kids correctly. There will be no chit chat about attachment parenting, internet safety, the worries about too much sugar or why you should teach your kids never to speak to strangers (which is mental because how else are they supposed to make friends?). Instead, we’re just going to give our two-pennies worth on the lessons we think are important. Listen, ignore, worship religiously - it is totally your call.

There is nothing more important than respect. There just isn’t. Self-respect is what breeds so much wonder. It is what motivates a kid to have self-worth, self-belief, self-confidence and the foundation for them to raise their standards and go get whatever their dreams may be. Respect also teaches them to respect things like rules and laws, authorities and, most importantly, other people. We’re not all the same, we don’t all share the same values and opinions and beliefs, but respecting these differences is so important because that is where growing and understanding comes from. Yes, we are all different, but this is something that should be celebrated not feared.

Always Be Thankful
Are kids are growing up in a world where making comparisons is almost unavoidable and, worse than that, a really unhealthy habit to get into. We compare ourselves to friends on Facebook, celebrities on Instagram and the rich on television, and it can’t be good. It breeds this culture of entitlement and materialism. That is why it is so important you teach your kids to be thankful for everything they have because genuine gratitude will shine brighter than the first star in the night’s sky. Seriously, get definitions and quotes about thankfulness right here, learn about it yourself and then teach your kids to be grateful and thankful in every circumstance going. Comparison is harmful, but gratitude is amazing.

Responsibility Rules The Roost
One of the most fundamental skills you can ever learn in life is how to learn from our mistakes. But more than that, it is also about learning how to put things right when that mistake is on us. It is not easy for some reason. In fact, saying sorry has seen numerous songs written about it. But being able to take responsibility for our actions and amend any mistakes we may have made is one of the most invaluable lessons any parent can ever teach their kid. It will set them up for life. It is all about turning a negative into a positive. It is about learning not to bury your head and avoid certain situations by learning how to develop emotional well-being, trustworthiness, strength, and honesty.

Shouldering Disappointment Is Needed
Look, as parents, we all want our kids to be the best they can be, to thrive and succeed and take the world by storm. However, there is an important lesson to be learned in coming second, or third, and there is a lot of greatness that can come out of just doing something and being actively involved for no other reason than the pleasure of taking part. That is something you need to teach your kid because in life you won’t always win. You will lose now and then and sometimes you will get utterly defeated. The thing that your kid should be proud of is the effort they put in to begin with. Forget the outcome, just enjoy the taking part and the pleasure of being involved. Yes, we naturally measure ourselves and doing great in that respect comes with its own euphoria, but doing the best you can and doing it with a smile will see you get rewarded and applauded. Trust us.

See, we told you. We’re not here to tell you how to parent. We’re not here to tell you-you're doing this and that wrong. We’re just here to impart some of the things we’ve learned, things we hope will stand our kids in great stead for the rest of their lives.