Tuesday, October 10, 2017

How to Keep Your Kids' Sports Equipment Organized in Your Vehicle


Baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis, dance, karate. It seems like your kids participate in every sport ever created. Between practices, games, meets and performances, you are short on time and space to get from one place to another. Make your life a little easier when you're on the go by organizing your kids' sports equipment in your vehicle.

For Sedans

Your working with limited real estate in a sedan, so you have to find ways to store all of your kids' bulky equipment. Start with ball claws that can attach to the lid of your trunk. Attach as many as can fit across to hold basketballs, soccer balls and footballs so you don't have to climb into the back of your trunk to reach the ones that rolled away. Keep your car clean after a game or practice by storing dirty shoes in shower caps or laundry bags that don't take up a lot of room. Use the corners of your trunk by placing bins or buckets to store extra equipment, clothes and other loose items.

For Minivans

You have a lot more space available in a minivan to either organize or lose equipment. You don't want balls rolling under seats, snack wrappers littering the floor or dirty socks getting stuffed in every nook and cranny. Your kids' equipment bags will take up a good portion of your trunk, so think about the inside of your van first. Make use of the space between the second row of seat with a mini cooler that can hold water bottles, sports drinks and lots of snacks. To avoid trash all over your van, attach a trash can to the back of the front row of seats where your kids can put their wrappers and empty bottles. If you still need more room in your trunk, install a raised rack that can carry bins full of extra socks, balls, cleats, towels and other odds and ends.

For Trucks

There's almost no space to fit anything other than your kids in your pickup, even if it's roomy and comfortable like the Chevy Colorado. Even though it has cup holders in the front and rear, there's nowhere near the room of a minivan, so the interior cooler idea is probably out. This means you have to take advantage of the Colorado's bed. Invest in a flat dolly that you can load up with buckets of balls, equipment bags and other gear. This way you can roll everything in and out in one swift motion. To make sure balls don't roll around or fly out, use bungee cords to strap them down. You also have plenty of room to make rows of bins or buckets in the back of the bed to organize almost anything. Some of the best parts about having a truck while playing sports is that you have easy access to coolers full of snacks during the game and even the possibility to set up a grill for a tailgate party or barbecue after.
When your already busy schedule is slammed full of practices and games, you need to keep your priorities straight. Your car is going to get messy and dirty. You and your kids are going to forget snacks, hair ties, hats and equipment. No matter how organized you are, things happen and you have to know that it's OK. Do what you can to stay organized in your home, garage and vehicle, and let everything else be a learning experience for next time.

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