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10 Tips For Hosting An Awesome Halloween Party

We’re well into October, now, and you know what that means: it’s time to start thinking about all the fun activities that we’ll get to enjoy during the Halloween period. There’ll be plenty of things going on near where you live, so make sure that you and the family are involved in all the spooky happenings around town. But as well as joining in with other events, why not organize one yourself, and host a Halloween themed party? They’re easy to arrange - especially if you follow our tips below - and can provide plenty of seasonal fun for your friends and family.
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Pick a Date

Halloween is, of course, October 31st, but let’s be real here: we all know that the event can last for up to a week. For one thing, there are usually so many things happening that it’s hard to keep everything limited to just one day! This year, the day itself will be on a Tuesday, which, as people will be at work the next day, isn’t ideal for a big party. So you’ll want to host the party on the weekend before, but will it be Friday or Saturday? People will be getting Halloween events in their calendar now, so pick a date and give people plenty of notice.

Selective Guestlist

In the summer, you can invite just about anyone and everyone, purely because most parties take place outside. But now the weather has turned, and you’ll be hosting your event inside your home, and that means baring in mind the logistical issues of space. You’ll want to throw your invite out far and wide, but it’s much better to be selective and for there to be enough room for everyone to have a good time with plenty of space. Naturally, who you invite will depend on the type of party that you’re hosting; is it for kids, adults, all of the above?

Pick a Theme

Now, it’s Halloween, so it goes without saying that your theme will be all thing spooky. The question is, are you going to ask people to come in full costume, or is it enough that people make a token gesture (for example, wearing black cat makeup, a scar on the face, etc)? It's always more fun when people can push the boat out and wear whatever they want. There’s nothing quite like a makeshift dance floor filled with monsters, ghosts, and other scary beasts.

All-Inclusive, Or BYOB?

This one will depend on your budget. Are you going to cater for everyone that comes to the party, is it a matter of just bringing themselves and ensuring that you’ve bought enough food and drink for everyone? Or are you going to recommend that everyone brings their alcohol, and maybe a dish of food? People don’t mind bringing supplies for a party, as they’re usually just happy that someone has organized the event. In any case, the party will get pretty pricey if you have to supply all the food and drink for a big list of people.

Make a Decision on the Kids

If you have kids yourself, or even if you don’t care for that matter, you’ll need to make a call on whether children are welcome at the event. If you decide that you’d rather keep it adult’s only, then let people know as soon as possible so they can get a babysitter to mind their children. Alternatively, if you have the space to accommodate them, then you could always have all the kids around and then set up them in their own area of the house, with snacks and a couple of scary movies lined up.

Readying the Home

You’ll be welcoming people into your home, so you’ll want to go to some effort to make sure that it’s fit for purpose. In the days running up to the party, go around the home and ensure everything is tidy. You might want to rearrange your furniture to make it more conducive for conversation, too. All in all, hosting a Halloween party is a good opportunity to give your home a deep clean. When it looks amazing on party night, you’ll be grateful that you put in the extra effort!

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Make Sure Essentials Are Working

As well as making sure that your home is tidy, you’ll always want to check that all the essentials of your home are in working order, as they have the potential to ruin a party. You don’t want an embarrassed friend to ask what’s wrong with the bathroom, and all you can say is “oh, yes, my toilet won't flush.” There’ll be more people than normal in your home, so your facilities might be stretched to the max, but if you check that everything works well before the party, you’ll be reducing the chance of things going wrong. It’s also worth having a backup plan just in case something does break (for example, access to an oven in case yours dies when you’re preparing the snacks).

Decoration Time

It’s not a Halloween party without decorations! On the day of the party, get your friends and family to decorate your home as scarily as possible. There’s no limit to how many decorations you can have at a party, so push the boat out and turn your humble abode into a terrifying haunted house on the block. Scary decorations are quite sophisticated these days, so there’s real scope to bring the terror. And talking of which….

A Late Night Fright

How mean do you want to be? As it’s a Halloween party, you could always plan something that really will scare the wits out of your guests. Having a zombie haunting the outside of your home, or some spooky noises happening just as people enter the bathroom, will make sure that everyone is kept on their toes during the event.


There are few things more fun than Halloween! Get planning now, and give yourself a spooky night that you and all your guests will remember!

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